Relationship Help & Advice

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I’m Olivia Jansen, a psychotherapist specialing in relationship therapy in Seattle, WA where I own and operate Counseling Connections.

I specialize in counseling for adult couples who are experiencing difficulties in their romantic relationships. This includes counseling single adults to equip them with the tools they need as they face the realities of the modern dating world.

I also offer life coaching services for business professionals who desire to grow in their relationships both on the job and with the clients they may be serving.

I realized I wanted to become a psycotherapist as I stumbled through my own relationships in my own life. I am sad to admit that some of those relationships failed. But it was through those failures that I came to understand how important it is to develop and maintain authentic relationships. This authenticity can only come when people realize how what happened in their past affects their present. And it can only come when the people in a relationship feel understood by each other.

All of these things happen when people begin looking inward. As a psychotherapist, I can help people understand the importance of that look inward, and help equip them to achieve that self-awareness. This is the only true way to be understood by others, and to achieve that authenticity we all crave in our relationships.

I look forward to meeting you!

I have found so many useful information inside that it is more useful than most relationship books that i have bought.Thank you so much for your help and your advice really works. I have not only won her but make our relationship even more perfects than before.
Thank you so much for your help Olivia. My boyfriend has come back to me now and we are more loving then ever it used to be.