Relationship Freedom

What is Relationship Freedom?

Claiming to be single can be frustrating to some people but there is a new idea called relationship freedom. This is people that are refusing to be tied down or restricted in a relationship or in marriage.

Sometimes when someone has to answer about being single, it can make them feel bad about where they are in life but someone that is desiring to have freedom might decide that they aren’t willing to be tied down nor risk the idea of being unhappy in marriage or in life.

This idea works for some, but the truth is that being in a relationship or being married doesn’t always mean that you’re giving up your freedom or your life.

Relationship Freedom

Every relationship will require there to be compromises and changes and even though you have your own needs, changing some and compromising isn’t a bad thing. This doesn’t mean that you are giving up your freedom or becoming stifled in your life.

Having a partner in your life will require you to commit but there are always places where boundaries can be made that help to define what you want your relationship to look like and what you don’t want.

Having relationship freedom means that you are happy if you’re single or you are happy if you’re married and you aren’t going to compromise what you want. Society is always pressuring people to be committed in relationships and a lot of single people are fearful of this commitment and they desire not to be tied down. Being in a relationship that restricts them makes them uncomfortable and they feel that they might be better off single.

Women that are living their career dreams might feel that their idea of a relationship will hold them back. They see the freedom in being single and they are able to find balance in dating, if they choose, and in having their own fun and freedom. These people might decide to casually date instead of committing to someone full time.

If you aren’t able to feel free in a relationship like this, then chances are that you might want to be in a relationship and you might want to be free to be who you are without being tied down, and that is perfectly okay.

Earlier in a relationship both people are trying to gain understanding and to get closer to their partners and so they might try to impress them. Someone that will support you and be a good partner to you will allow you to have what you need in a relationship, even freedom. It’s most important to find someone that is going to feel free in the relationship just like you want because being a healthy relationship means that you don’t feel like you are being held back and you don’t feel like you are being bogged down with someone.

Once you find a relationship that is perfect for you, you will love the partner that you pick, and you will continue to feel free in the relationship even if you are committed to that person.

Finding a Freeing Partner

Finding a partner that allows you to feel free is one that is going to give you the love and the emotion that you want and need. You might have a hard time finding this freedom if you are self-centered because it will take two of you to be in a good relationship that is healthy. There should never be a big power struggle if you want to have freedom in your relationship.

Having healthy freedom in a relationship can be a good experience for you and your partner and here is how you can make that happen:

  • Giving and Taking

Relationships are about giving and taking, and it shouldn’t be one person that is always doing either of those things. You should have a partner that you feel is an equal to you in all things including finances, working, family and more. Finding a relationship that makes you feel free will be hard if you have a partner that is always trying to be in control.

Take your friendships, for example. If you want to go out with your friends and spend time with them then you need to make sure that it is okay for your partner to do the same. This should be something that you talk about before you ever start getting serious with someone. There will only be freedom in a relationship if you are treating your partner the way that you want to be treated.

  • Emotional Freedom

Emotional freedom is another thing that some people are looking for. Relationships might not work out if you are dating someone that is completely different than you. This could lead to arguments because sometimes one partner wants to change the other.

As you accept your partner and their traits, you will see that this can bring freedom. A partner that is always approaching a situation in your relationship in a negative way is someone that will not give you freedom in your relationship. Choose wisely if you want to stay.

  • Expressing Your Thoughts and Ideas

Relationships should never thwart you from being able to express yourself. You need to be realistic in dating though because everyone isn’t always going to have the same opinions that you have and so this is where there needs to be space for you and your partner to both be heard.

It is important that relationships have good communication, and this is what can help to bring relationship freedom the most. Most people don’t realize that having emotional freedom means that you are able to be who you are in the relationship, and it means that your partner accepts you for who you are.

  • Giving and Getting Space

Space in a relationship might sound strange but everyone has to have their own space time and again. Life can be very demanding and if you aren’t able to have space away from your partner then chances are that you won’t be able to have relationship freedom.

Even though you will want to be around the person that you love, having space away from your partner is important for all relationships. You are your own person, and you need to be able to live that way sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you don’t want to spend time with them it just means that you can take time away from them and still be in a healthy place.

  • Having an Opinion

You should be able to express yourself and have an opinion. Everyone will have different opinions but being in a healthy relationship means that you are able to express this opinion without feeling judged or mistreated. You aren’t connected to your partner’s mind, and everyone has their own thoughts. If you want relationship freedom, then this needs to be embraced.

  • Have Honest Expectations

No relationship is going to have no expectations. You will set expectations before you ever even think of getting with someone and then this will likely change over time. If you set expectations that are unrealistic then chances are you will end up disappointed.

When your partner reacts a certain way to your expectations or even against your expectations, how you react is up to you and this is where your freedom comes from. Talk about these things before they happen so that you can point out the importance of relationship freedom for yourself.

  • Give Yourself and Your Partner Freedom

If you decide that you want to have relationship freedom, then you need to make sure that you are giving the same to your partner. Don’t question what your partner is doing unless you want them to question you. Giving them freedom in the relationship is the same thing that you are wanting, and this can build a strong foundation for you.

  • Be Who You Are

Being who you are is important for almost everyone but its especially important if you seek relationship freedom. You should never have to change who you are to be with someone that you love and if this is happening then this should be a deal breaker. Your partner should love you in the good times and the bad times.

Everyone has flaws and your partner needs to accept that you have these and not to try to change you because you aren’t who they thought you should be.

  • Financial Freedom

Freedom in a relationship sometimes needs to be focused on financial freedom. This is one thing that can bring peace into any relationship. Women in the past might not have managed money or decided where it was spent but women that want to have relationship freedom should have the chance to handle their finances any way that they see fit.

  • Freedom to Leave

The most important freedom that some people don’t realize that they have is the freedom to leave when the relationship isn’t working for you. It won’t be easy to do this, and all breakups are challenging and full of hurt but nothing is worse than feeling trapped and miserable.

Even if you want your relationship to last and to work out but you don’t feel like it is, leave it. This can be a relationship where you are just unhappy or one that is full of toxic traits and abuse. You might have a lot to be thankful for but still have things that you feel like your partner is needing to work on and if you need to walk away for a while to let them do that, do it.

What Relationship Freedom Doesn’t Mean

There are some things that relationship does mean and there are some things that relationship freedom doesn’t mean. When you want to have a healthy relationship with someone that you love, you have to understand each other, and you have to believe that the relationship can work out.

Bringing freedom to your relationship doesn’t give you the right to hurt your partner or to be selfish. It doesn’t come with disrespect, and it doesn’t come with only you getting your way. There has to be balance and there has to be acceptance. Here is what freedom doesn’t mean:

  • Being Codependent

Being codependent on your partner means that you are giving them the choice to make all of the decisions. This means that they might be controlling you in all things. Being in a good relationship is important but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have choices.

You should never feel so dependent on your person that you aren’t equal and that you are in a place where you are constantly burdened.

  • Cheating

Another thing that relationship freedom doesn’t mean is that you can sleep or cheat with anyone that you want. You should still remain exclusive to your partner and sexual loyalty is totally expected.

Being free doesn’t mean that you can hurt your partner by sleeping around and by dating other people. There have to be boundaries that should never be crossed. Relationship freedom is important and there should be boundaries that are set before you ever decide to date someone seriously.

  • Disrespect

Everyone should be able to express themselves without being judged or disrespected. This means that even if you are having an argument with your partner that you are kind and you are treating each other with love and understand. There should be healthy communication and you should never disrespect your partner because you don’t like what they are saying.

You can disagree with someone without hurting them and without being rude.

  • Taking Them for Granted

A relationship can be good and healthy for everyone as long as you respect each other, and you are equal to each other. Having relationship freedom doesn’t mean that you should abuse your power and that you should take your partner for granted.

Even though you want to make your own decisions, it doesn’t mean that you should be selfish and self-centered, but you should be responsible for caring about your own needs and your partners needs and they should do the same thing for you.

Final Thoughts

People often are afraid of being in a relationship because they feel that they will be held back and that they won’t be able to be their own person. Having relationship freedom means that you are be free as long as you are taking your own and your partners feelings into perspective. There is going to be a big difference between a successful and an unsuccessful relationship, make yours successful.

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