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How You Break Up with Someone without So Much Pain

If you made the decision to break up with someone and you have decided that now is the time, more than likely you have been thinking about it for a while and you know its not going to be easy.

You know that this is the best thing for both of you, but you also know that it isn’t going to be hard.

This is something that you know will hurt the person that you are with and you want to know how and when you should breakup with this person. Here are some tips:

Break Up in Person

Instead of trying to end something over text or a phone call, you owe it to this person to break up with them in person. If things are hard for you and you are in a relationship, doing a face-to-face breakup is the most important way to do it.

This is something that is going to hurt them, but you need to be brave and make sure that you don’t hurt them more by not talking to them.

It will be easier for them to accept the situation if you do this with the person. A long-distance relationship is different, and you might not want to do that in person because you don’t see them often anyways.

Find the Right Place

Do not break up with them in front of a bunch of people or at the bar. Take them somewhere that you can talk to them privately.

Pick someplace that isn’t too busy in case they cry. Do not make it a romantic dinner.

Do it Now

Do not wait if you are going to break up with someone. You feel that things are not right, or you aren’t meant to be with that person.

You can tell things are different and you feel that this is the best choice. The sooner you do it the better and you can move forward and so can they.

Don’t Do it Over a Special Occasion

Do not choose to break up with someone on their birthday or on a special anniversary or any special day for that matter.

Be Truthful

Tell them why you want to break up. If you fell out of love, tell them. Be honest with them and lay it all out.

You will not be respecting the person you are breaking up if you start talking about their faults or if you don’t tell them the truth. This is not the time to blame them for everything and you just need to be honest about why you don’t want to be together.

Be Positive

Stick to the truth but always look at the good times that you spent together.  Do not act like you regret that you were ever with them.

Give them good wishes and hope that they find someone that they can love and that will make them happy.

Taking a Break

Do not ask this person to give you a break. This means that you are asking them to give you a little time to figure things out. If you are moving on, you need to do a clean breakup.

Do not be selfish and let them think that you will work things out later.

Don’t Ask for Time

Do not ask them to give you time to work things out. If you are going to break up with them, let it be a clear break.

Know it’s Over

Let your partner know that the relationship is over, and you are not getting back with them. If you make them think that you will be back with them, they will not let you go so easily.

Be Kind

No matter because the relationship is ending, you need to be kind and let them go as easy as you can. They might be upset and cry, but you have to remind yourself why you wanted to end it in the first place.

Let them Decide the Next Step

You need to let them decide the next step. If they don’t want to contact you anymore or talk to you, give them that space.

If they want to contact you and you think it will be fine to stay friends, do it. You might be able to be friends later, but this might never work out. Block them on your social media for a while and give them a break.

Breakup Tips

Besides actually breaking up with someone, there are other things that you might have to deal with during the breakup.

Living Together

If you live with your partner and you want to breakup with them, this is going to be harder. You will have to decide what you are going to split up and where one of you will live.

You might have to stay on your friends couch or get a hotel for a short time until you are able to get on your feet.

You should both start looking for a place right away and you need to move on and let your partner move on as well.

What if You Love Them?

You might be in a relationship that is toxic and even though you love them, you think it is best to move on.

Love isn’t always enough to stay in a relationship. You are in a relationship because you love someone, but you need it to be successful. This should not mean that you are waiting to break up with someone.

Do not let your feelings keep you from being in a good situation.

What if They Don’t Expect It?

Most of the time someone can tell when something isn’t right in the relationship. This might be the fact if you have talked to your partner about what they are feeling and what you are feeling and you told them things aren’t like you hoped.

If someone isn’t expecting you to leave them, it can be hard for them to handle it, but you need to do it anyways and not wait.

What if They Tell You No?

A breakup can be hard but if someone tries to tell you that you will not break up with them, you cannot let them control you.

Do not let them demand things form you and do what you can to leave the relationship and to move out of the situation.

If you decided you are breaking up, you need to do that and not change your mind. If they try to win you back, refuse to talk to them if they bring up getting back together.

What if You Feel Bad?

You will feel bad after a breakup but if it is best for you and for them, do it. Everyone has guilt when they have to break up with someone, but this is something you are doing to make yourself better.

You have your own reasons why you want to move on, and you should be able to do this and deal with your feelings in a positive way.

Having Second Thoughts

Breaking up with someone will be hard and if you do it and then you have second thoughts, you need to take time to talk to your partner and see what was going wrong and how it can be fixed.

Do not just focus on the bad things but the good times you have had.

Mental Issues

If your partner has mental issues, ending the relationship can be harder on them. But you are not responsible for their health and you need to do what makes you happy in your life.

Healthy Relationship

Everyone deserves to be in a healthy relationship and if you feel that your relationship is not healthy, you need to move forward right away.

You can talk to people in your life and let them help you to get through the feelings and the emotions that you are having over the breakup.

Scared to Breakup

If you are scared to breakup with someone because you have been with them for a long time, figure out why you want to leave them.

You will have fear with this because you know it will be painful for you and your partner but if that is what it takes to make you happy, you need to do it.

The future can be great for you and you have to keep focused on the reasons that you felt that you needed to move forward. These reasons will encourage you to get past your fear and to take action for yourself and your happiness.

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