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How to Manage Your Psychic Predictions

Life is wild and full of messes and if you are someone that has people and things in your life that is always pulling you in different directions, you know it can change your energy in seconds. There is an acronym that can help you to learn to focus on self-care and help you to remember to stay positive and to practice love for yourself and those around you.

The acronym SOAP means Surrender Odds Ask and Practice. This is one way that you can listen to psychic predictions and get the real message that you are trying to get. It is a way that you can see things come to pass.


The first letter S stands for Surrender. This is a time where you allow things to happen, and you give into these things. Let go of what you wish would happen and let what is happening happen.  Accept the truth and know that even if something was going to happen for you, it can be years down the road. Surrender to love.


The O stands for odds and this means that there can be messages that come about your future, and you might be confused about them. The best thing is to trust the odds and even if it seems wild, do it anyways.


The A stands for ask. When you get a psychic prediction, ask your guide or your psychic what it means. If you don’t know, give it time and the message can come to you at a later time.


P stands for practice, and this means that you need to practice manifesting things into your life. Give into yourself and allow accurate predictions to come.

There are more ways that you can use the acronym SOAP to help you in your life. If you are having a hard time, use this acronym for other situations:


The S can stand for self-love. You have to learn to love and care for yourself at all times. Find ways that you can pamper yourself and love yourself fully.


The O stands for open. Be open with yourself and how you are feeling. Do not try to hide your emotions or what you are feeling in your life. Be discerning when new things come and seek support if you need it.


A stand for accept. Instead of letting things upset you, learn to accept them. Ask your guides to help you to let things go that are not good for you and when the moment comes that you know, then you will just know.


The P can stand for patience. Have patience and be kind and loving to yourself. Encourage yourself to do bigger things and do whatever you can to experience life in a good way.

Another SOAP Idea

Here is another way that SOAP can help you:


Take time to save whatever you are waiting for and write it down. This can help you to go back and read about it again and learn to wait.

One Thing

Do not let everything come to your mind but focus on one thing that is going on. A psychic can give you multiple predictions but only focus on one at a time.


Learn to focus on what you want and manifest it to you. Sometimes a prediction will come, and you will not know what it means. Look at how things are and learn to feel creative and to manifest things on your own.

Present in the Now

Learn to be present in what is happening in your life now. You do not have to wait and worry about predictions but learn to focus on your life now.

Other SOAP Methods

There are so many different ways that you can use SOAP in your life to help you to achieve your goals and dreams.


Find people in your life that can support you. If you don’t have people, rely on things such as crystals and other things like salt baths and support from the universe. Find clubs to join and talk to family and friends to be there for you.

Own The Lesson

Own whatever the universe is trying to teach you. Embrace it and stop pressuring yourself to be someone that you aren’t. Learn to love yourself and who you are.


Find something active to do such as join the gym or pick up new activities. Find things that you love to do that can calm your mind and give you good energy. Do fun things at home such as work a crossword puzzle or watch your favorite television show to keep you calm.


Take time to look what you want your future to look like and the possibilities that you can have. Use your imagination to think of how you will feel and what you can see happening.

Imagine the things that you would want to see come to your life and allow your fantasies to go wild. Do not put yourself in a time or space or limit yourself.


Each time you use soap to wash your hands or to take a bath, think of all the acronyms that soap can give to you. Use different elements and see which ones work the best for you and for your life. Get creative and be unique always.

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