How to Know if a Guy Likes You

How to Know if a Guy Likes You

Some guys have a hard time telling you exactly what they are feeling. If you have been out with someone a few times and you don’t know if he is interested in you or not, but you are constantly wondering it, there are signs that you can tell a guy is hinting that he likes you.

It may never be easy for someone to know if a guy is flirting with you or not and if he isn’t giving you an obvious sign that he likes you, it can be even harder to know.

When you meet someone and they seem interested in you, asking about your life, wanting to know more about you and flirting with you, you might think he is only being friendly and miss out on finding someone who wants to take you out.

If you have a hard time knowing if a guy is flirting with you, here are some hints that you can take that show you that he likes you:

Open Communication

If he is constantly texting, you or calling you then this can be a sign he likes you. People are busy and when they are spending their precious time texting you, they probably like you. If he never texts you and he barely responds, chances are he isn’t much into you.

They Tell You

A guy might just tell you that he doesn’t like you in that way but if you hear him complimenting you or telling you that he likes spending time with you then chances are that he is giving you a hint that he likes you.

Making You Smile

A guy will show you that he likes you by trying to make you smile or laugh. This can be silly, but it is one way that guys hint that they like you. When you laugh and have fun together, you are making a good connection.


Sometimes a guy will touch you to hint to you that he likes you. He might put his hand on your shoulder, or he might reach for the same things as you so your hands can touch.

Eye Contact

Guys that like you will look you deep into your eyes. They will do this so that they can look deep inside of you and connect with you.

Likes Your Posts

If a guy likes all of your posts, then chances are that he is always looking and reading what you write on social media. This can mean he wants to talk to you and that he is noticing you.


One way that you can tell if a guy likes you is by his emojis. Some guys will only use them when they like a girl.

Makes Fun of You

Of course, there is a line between having fun with someone and putting someone down so pay attention to make sure he isn’t being mean to you. But, if you met someone that you have fun with each other and make fun of each other in a playful way, this can mean he likes you.

He is Always Around You

A guy that likes you will want to be around you. He will want to do things with you like go shopping or bowling. He will do what he can to spend time with you.


A guy that gets nervous being around you can be someone that likes you. He might have a crush on you and be shy that he doesn’t have the words to say.

Touching His Hair

Sometimes a guy will get nervous, and he will touch his hair when he is talking to you. Men play with their hair just like women when they are interested in you.


You can watch the body language of guys and find out if they like you. If he is trying to impress you, chances are that he likes you and you might catch him blushing here or there.

Laughs at Your Jokes

A guy that laughs at all of your jokes might be a guy that likes you, especially if your jokes aren’t funny.


When a guy wants to hug you and hugs you longer than normal, he might like you. Pay attention to if he rubs your back or if he squeezes you because this can mean he wants to be with you.

Tries Hard

Guys that like you will try to impress you and get your attention. He wants to show you that he is putting effort in getting to know you.

Remembers Things

When a guy likes you, he will remember small things about you such as what your favorite color is or where your mom works.

Asks Questions

When someone likes you, they will want to get to know you. They will ask questions and they will try to find out more about you.

He Likes What You Like

It is important to have things in common when you are going to date someone. If you find that you have met someone that has the same interests, he might be ready to ask you out.

He is On Time

When someone likes you, they will be on time so that they can spend more time with you than being late.

Buying Drinks

This guy will buy you coffee or even a beer so that he can win your heart. He will want to show you that he wants to treat you like a queen.


Smiling is a sign that he might like you. If he is always smiling when you are together, he is having fun with you and enjoying being with you.

Being Cool

It can be confusing when a guy is trying to keep his cool. If he is faking being cool, it can be because he is trying to impress you and get you to notice him.


When a guy likes you, they will give you all of their attention. They will put down the phone and listen to you when you talk, and they will keep eye contact with you.

Do You Still Wonder?

If you have seen all of or any of the signs above, chances are that he might like you. If you are still confused, just ask him how he feels. This can be scary, and it is painful to be rejected but, in the end, what do you really have to lose?

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