Emotionally Unavailable

How to Know if He is Emotionally Unavailable

Being emotionally unavailable means that when someone is a relationship and one of the people lack emotions such as empathy, it can mean they are not able to open up their emotions to you. Chances are that you have heard this phrase before, and you wondered what that could even mean. You might even question if you are with someone if they are this kind of person.

You will always be trying to understand men that are unemotionally available to you because these are people that you can never really understand, and it will be someone that you want to be with but that you also cannot hardly stand.

Emotionally unavailable men will always make up excuses as to why they cannot fully commit to you. They will blame it on their career, a past relationship, their family, their school, the commitments that they have, trauma in their life, their pet pig dying or something else. They will blame everyone else on why they cannot commit to you and they have a problem with being who you want.

These are men that don’t have a problem being with someone that is totally committed to them but when it comes to them having to commit to you, this is a different story. They will often play mind games and leave you wondering if you are making a mistake in your mind and heart.

This will start out as the relationship of your dreams, but you will see that once you get hooked in, out of nowhere the relationship will confuse you.

You will start to think that you were doing things wrong or that you just don’t understand what he is going through. You will believe that if you love him harder that he will change, and you will believe that he will commit to you if you wait just a little longer.

You stay connected because you feel like you are not worth anything else. You know that he can be what you want him to be, so you keep wasting your time waiting for him to make things work for you. You never realize that you are waiting for something that will never happen because you are always making excuses for his behavior.

Signs He is Emotionally Unavailable to You

  • He always talks about his ex. He never tells you about details, but he talks about her a lot.
  • He is separated from the other relationship, but he still goes around her.
  • He will text you more than he will call you.
  • He will not label your relationship.
  • You never talk about the future.
  • He makes excuses for everything and even when he acts like he is going to commit to you, he will change his mind at the last minute.
  • He will tell you he wants to be with you, but he isn’t ready to make a full commitment.
  • He picks and chooses what texts he will respond to.
  • He doesn’t make a time to commit to your life. He doesn’t do things to be part of the things that you love.
  • He lives in a room that looks like a college fraternity.
  • You never feel connected to him when you have sex.
  • He doesn’t tell his friend and family that you are dating.
  • He tells you that he has a bunch of issues that he has to handle.
  • He doesn’t want to hold your hand or kiss you in public.
  • He tells you that he cannot give you what you want, and he will give you what he can.
  • He asks you to wait for him.

Men that are emotionally unavailable to you will not be able to connect with you because they will not be able to be in a relationship with you that you want. If you keep being with them, you are deciding that you will not find something better and that you are not worthy of love.

You need to stop trying to better yourself and realize that you are probably better off without them.

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