Intimate in Your Marriage

Being More Intimate in Your Marriage

There are many couples that are able to get along well and there are some that live together but they feel empty. They find that their relationship feels more like a friendship and they are often lonely even when their spouse is with them.

They might argue about things in their relationship and they might not feel that they are connected either emotionally or physically. There are different kinds of intimacy and intimacy is a way that you can join with your partner and you can find value in your relationship. You can become more sexual with your partner and you can learn how to complement them and how to make them feel loved.

Being intimate in your marriage is not the same as just being beside each other or touching. You have to be able to talk things through in order to make sure that the other person is there for you. They will be present with you and they will interact when the intimacy is good.

Putting in Effort

Do you want to have more intimacy? This could be sex, or it could be other physical touching. If you want to be happy in your marriage, having physical and emotional intimacy is important. This kind of intimacy helps to make the marriage stronger.

Why Marriage Intimacy?

Marriage intimacy is important if you want to have a strong relationship. It can help you connect and help you to have more of a purpose.

Fear of Intimacy

Some couples have a fear of intimacy and this can come when there is trauma in the past or even a sexual addiction within the marriage. This can be confusing and it can lead to one of the partners feeling left out or rejected.

If you or your partner have a history of some kind of trauma or abuse, this needs to be addressed.

Increasing Marriage Intimacy

Here are some ways to increase your marriage intimacy:

Spend More Time Being Together

You don’t have to do anything exciting to spend time together. Try watching a show together or just sitting on the couch together. The more disconnected you are, the lonelier the relationship will be. Do things that you enjoy doing but do them together. Go out for drinks, share your thoughts and your feelings, and communicate how you work together as partners.

Have Fun

Learn to have fun. Remember when the relationship was new, and you did what you could to have fun together? Get back to that. Write down things that you both love to do and start doing them together.

How to Become More Intimate

Here are some ways that you can get closer to your partner in your physical, emotional and spiritual being:

Physical Intimacy

This kind of intimacy isn’t just about sex. You can do things like give each other a massage or even just holding hands. Try to sit close when you are watching television together.

Emotional Intimacy

It is important that you know as much about your partner as you can. Be a place where your partner can tell you things that are private and things that are important to them. Being intimate in your emotions is important and it can be a place of vulnerability and safety for you both.

Be kind and loving and don’t let hurt or pain get in the way of making yourself closer.

Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual intimacy is another thing that you can share together. You can pray together, and you can attend religious classes together. These things can make your relationship stronger and when you pray and share together you will be able to discuss things more calm and have more intimacy.

Final Thoughts

When you are ready to understand your partner more, you need to be able to talk to each other positively. Get rid of any hurt or issues by talking about them and this can lead you to have better intimacy. Once you are more vulnerable with each other, you can form a stronger connection.

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