Signs He Wants You

It can be difficult at times to tell if someone wants to be more than a friend, but the signs below will help you know if he truly wants you.

  • He Tells You – Despite the fact he may be slightly drunk, he means it when he opens up and tells you how badly he wants you. You will be able to see it in his eyes, so pay attention.
  • He Laughs at What You Say (Even When it is Not Funny) – If he is willing to laugh at your jokes, even when you bomb, he finds you amusing.
  • He Readily Pays for Everything – When you are both out together, he insists on paying, even if it seems old fashioned. He wants to show you he appreciates you.
  • Always Texting – A guy who is always asking about your day and about your plans is interested in what you are up to. This goes well beyond booty calls to really caring.
  • No Pressure for Sex – He may want it badly, but if he is not putting on the pressure because you want to wait, he likes you. This is a great sign of respect.
  • You Have Met Family and Friends – When guys introduce you to their family and friends, they want you. It may take him some time to do so, but if you know his closest circle of people, he is really into you.
  • Frequently Asks You Out – If someone wants to see you, they will try their best to do so. If he promises to call and doesn’t, he probably is not interested, but if he wants you, he will try to move mountains to get to you.
  • Punctuality – A sign a guy wants you is simply being on time. If he is not considerate of your time, then he is being disrespectful and not worth wasting time on.
  • Deletes Dating Apps – You are in a real relationship when you see he has deleted his dating apps. He is giving up a sure thing for you which means he wants you most of all.
  • Wants to Know About Your Life – If he is adding you on social media and following you, he wants to know more about your life. He may also try to be near you in person, attempting a slight touch of the hand to see if you pull away or not. He wants to get to know you.
  • He is Honest with You – He is not playing games; he tells you straight out what he wants and what you should know about him. If he is trying to hide things from his past, it may be a red flag.
  • He Listens – Some guys smile and nod while you speak, but are not truly listening. Look for those who are active listeners and engage in the conversation, this means he wants you.
  • Protectiveness – If he worries about you when you walk home late at night or have a bad day, then his protective nature shows he cares.
  • He Acts Like a Gentleman – If he is constantly taking you out on dates, opening doors for you, and being a gentleman, he is into you. He respects you enough to treat you well whether sex is involved or not.
  • He is Always There – If you are feeling bad and stuck in a rut, but he sticks around, then he likes you. He will help you try to change things up so you feel better.
  • Feel the Energy – When someone is falling hard for you, you will be able to feel it when they are around. He will try to find excuses to touch you or be close.
  • He Asks Questions – He is trying to get to know you better by asking questions and actively listening to the answers. He will want to know about your beliefs, hobbies, childhood, and much more.
  • You Know His Inner Circle – Family and friends are important. If he has introduced you to his friends and family, he is interested in being more than friends.
  • Getting You Gifts – A man ready for a real relationship gets you gifts like flowers or something equally as thoughtful.
  • Look for the Glance – If someone is interested in you then he is going to position himself to steal glances of you as often as possible. He will also look to see if you are checking him out.

These are just a few of the signs that someone is interested in dating or being in a committed relationship. Check out the guys in your life to see if they are sending any signs.

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