Falling in Love with You

How to Know if He is Falling in Love with You

Love is different for everyone and the way that men and women show live is different. Women might look at their phone often or hope that he will say that he loves her. It might be hard for you as a woman to know what your man is thinking.

There are signs that you can look for to know if a man really loves you or is falling in love with you.  Here is how you know if he is falling for you because the signs that a man is falling for you is something that is easy to see. Many man will show you the same signs and you will know if they are falling for you or not.

Men and Love

Love goes beyond just looking at someone and when a man become vulnerable to you, he will have strong emotions that have to do with you. The thing is that men were raised to not show their emotions and to learn to hide them and to ignore them so even when they are falling in love, the strong emotions that he has might surprise him.

It has been shown that men fall in love faster than women and they are the ones that normally express their love before the woman will. Love can cause a man to listen to his heart instead of listening to his head and this can cause him to be the best that he can be.

Girls and Guys

Some things that girls do just drive men crazy. You might not even realize the things that you do to make him think about you such as how you laugh and how you joke or the little habits you have such as biting your lip or playing with your hair. There are different things that you can do that will make his heart go wild.

Expressing Love for Men

Even though many people think that it is just a stereotype, the truth is that men show their love differently than women. They will often have a hard time telling you how they feel but this has to do with how they were raised. When you are someone that doesn’t know how to control their emotions, telling someone how you feel can be harder.

Insecure Men and Signs

Even though women think that they are the only ones that are insecure, men often have a hard time in relationships because they are afraid to be vulnerable. If a man has been betrayed even by an ex before, expressing love to someone new can be hard and it can be hard for him to show his feelings.

Men show their insecurity in different ways such as texting more or getting jealous easier than you expect. If your main is being critical of everything you are doing, chances are he isn’t ready to be in a serious relationship yet.

Knowing He is Falling for You

You might wonder if he is falling for you and if you are having to ask that question then you need to look at the signs that men show then they are falling for someone. Then if you aren’t sure, ask him.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is one way that you can tell if someone loves you. When you make eye contact with someone that you are talking to or when someone looks deep into your eyes, chances are they like you.

Wants You Happy

A man that is in love with you will do what he can to make you happy. He will put in effort to make you smile and to make you feel good in your life. He will do what he can to give you things that you like and to show you he cares for you.

Spending Time Together

If he wants to get closer to you then he will do what he can to spend time with you. He will find hobbies that you like to do and will open up to your friends more. It won’t matter what kind of schedule he has; he will try to be with you.

Thinking About You

If your guy is sitting around thinking of you, chances are he will text you or randomly call you or visit you. He will do this because he is not able to get you out of his head.


Men that like you will do things such as touch your arm or your leg or they will try to hold your hand or put their arm around you. These little things will happen because he wants to be closer to you. If you want to know if he likes you, you can tell by how he is interacting with you.

Doing Stuff for You

A guy that likes you will go out of his way to do things for you. He will do what he can to show you that he cares about you, and he wants you around. He will go out of his way to please you and to make sure that you are smiling.


When you try to talk to someone and they seem to not act interested, this is a sign that someone doesn’t really care to communicate but when a guy likes you, he will go out of his way to pay deeper attention to you and what you are saying. Not only will he hear you, but he will listen to what you have to say, and he will see that you are important.

How Can You Tell if He is Falling in Love?

Men are not the same and not all of the signs above will show you that someone loves you but when a man is falling for you then you need to look at his body language and how he communicates with you. If he is going out of his way to pay attention to you then chances are that he is falling for you.

You may feel that he is doing things that show he is willing to sacrifice for you and this is a big sign he is into you.

What Happens When He Falls for You?

A man that falls for you will put you as the highest priority in his life. He will do things for you, and he will show you what he feels about you. He will go out of his way to make plans with you, and he will include you in his future talk.

How Fast do Men Fall in Love?

Men can fall in love faster than you expect and faster than even women do. Not all men are the same though and if you are with someone that doesn’t seem interested, they might not be ready for a relationship yet.

What Do Men Feel When They Fall in Love?

Men feel differently depending on who they are. This can mean that they might fall in love and show it by listening to your goals land by changing theirs to show you that they are on the same page. Some men will want to build a relationship and will not want to just have sex.

A man that falls in love with you will want to make you happy and will want to spend time doing whatever you need.

Some men will feel nervous at first when they are falling in love, and this will depend on his personality. If he is going to struggle with love, he might feel stressed about it at the same time.

Confused Feelings

A man might not be sure if he loves you or not and he might be confused and not know what signs to give you. This means that he needs time to figure out his life before you really commit to him.

You might see that he acts jealous, but he doesn’t try to be with you. Either he is falling in love with you or not and it can leave you confused.

What Makes Men Fall in Love?

A man that is falling for you will do things to show his attraction to you. He will be attracted to you, and he will see things about you that he enjoys. He will love to spend time with you but most importantly he will respect you and care for you.

Love and Scaredness

Some men start falling in love and then they get scared. They worry that you aren’t the right person, or they might not know what to do next.

You might see that he is introducing you to his family and friends and he might start posting on your social media more than ever.

If you are wondering if he likes you or not, talk to him. Maybe if you talk to him then you can dig deeper into what he is feeling.

What do Men Want?

Not all men want to have the same things that other men do. Some men want to be with someone that they have stuff in common with, other people want someone that they find extremely attractive.

Men are looking for women that they can trust and spend time with when they are ready to settle down.

What Body Part Attracts Men the Most?

Men fall in love for different reasons, and some will say the face, the teeth, the eyes, or some will say the body. It depends on what they see first as to what attracts them the most.

Playing Games

How can you tell if a guy is playing games with you or if he is falling in love with you? Here are some signs he is just playing that you need to pay attention to:

  • He doesn’t share things on his social media.
  • He doesn’t let you meet his family.
  • He spends more time with everyone else than you.
  • He only wants sex.
  • He doesn’t include you in the future plans he makes.

Knowing You Love Him Back

When someone loves you then you need to figure out if you love them back. You have to be willing to look past their flaws and imagine that your life wouldn’t be the same without them.

How Does Love Feel?

Love feels different for different people and when you feel that you need to be around someone and you know that you can work through hard things, this can mean you are falling in love.

As your love gets stronger, you need to pay attention to what makes the relationship important to you.

Love and Lust

Love and lust can feel the same when you first start a relationship. But as the relationship grows, your feelings should change from lust to love. You will see that you will include this person and you will be able to look past their flaws.

Everyone falls in love at different stages and if you are dating and you are confused, talk about it.

Why Do Guys Not Share Their Feelings?

Men will not always know how to talk about what they are feeling because of how they were taught. They often think that having emotions makes them weak instead of strong. He might have someone that has told him not to share his feelings in the past and it can be challenging sometimes.

If you feel that your partner has a mental health issue that makes them emotionally unavailable, this is something that you need to not ignore.

How to Make Him Love You

If you think that you have found your perfect partner and you believe he is falling in love with you, do things such as spend time with him and buy him little gifts that make him smile. Do things that cause him to think about you all the time.

Falling in love can be scary but it can also be one of the best things in life.

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