Don’t Be Complacent in Love

Don’t Be Complacent in Love

Complacency in a relationship can cause the relationship to come to a fast end. This means that you take each other for granted, you don’t appreciate your partner and therefore there are very few times “thank you” is used and you will get more dressed up to go out with your friends than the person that you are with.

When you become complacent in a relationship it means that you aren’t doing anything to make the relationship better. This can reflect your relationship and make you prove that you aren’t trying to make things better and that you are find with how things are. This is a relationship that is only functioning and isn’t really healthy.

This can be a sign though that you are in a safe place emotionally with your partner and this is good, but it can also quickly cause a relationship to come to an end. This happens and then when you start arguing, it seems like you argue about everything from who is doing the dishes to what to watch on television.

Nothing seems to be exciting anymore and it isn’t fun to be in the relationship. You can avoid being complacent in a relationship by doing these things!

Why Are You Being Complacent?

When you see things going downhill in your relationship you need to ask yourself a few things. First, are you being lazy when it comes to your partner? Do you give what they are giving to you and how would someone else feel about dating you as you are being? Are you showing your partner that they are important to you both in the way that you act and in what you say?

Maybe you feel tired and stressed and you feel that you are too tired to make an effort. Of course, if you want the relationship to last, you can ask your partner what you can do to make them feel loved and appreciated. Even though this might be a hard question to ask, it can make your relationship last.

What Do You Know About Your Partner?

There are things in your brain that are stored about your partner such as what their favorite food is and what they like to do. When you are complacent in the relationship, you don’t remember these things. You need to ask yourself these things:

    • What kinds of goals does my partner have?
    • What is my partner struggling the most with?
    • What is their favorite flavor of ice cream? If you know this, ask if that’s still their favorite.

When you ask these questions, you are updating your brain, and you are adding things into your mind that are important to them and these things are ways that you can remind them how much you care for them.

Do You Know Them?

Instead of assuming that you know your partner, find out everything in your mind that you know. Think of the things that they like and how they act when they are upset with you. Everyone knows things about their partners, but one thing is that you should have some kind of mystery about them.

Be curious about things that you don’t know about them and find out if they are changing and what they like now that they didn’t like before. Ask them questions and find out new things and allow yourself to be surprised about what you learn.

Visualize Your Love

Visualize the love that you have with your partner and reflect on your life and how different it would be if they weren’t with you. This can help you to appreciate them more than you ever have. Not all relationships are happy all the time and if you imagine what it would be like without them and this makes you sadder than happy, that is a good sign.

Think of all the great things that you have done with your partner and all the things that you are doing on the same team with them. Think about what your life would feel like if they were no long around. Ask yourself these things:

    • What would you do if they weren’t with you anymore?
    • What kinds of things do you want to do with them?
    • What kinds of things would you like to share?
    • What do you need to prioritize to show you love them?
    • What kinds of arguments do you seem to keep having?
    • What no longer seems to be important in the relationship?

By asking these things you will no longer be complacent, but you will work hard to focus on what matters to you and what can keep your relationship strong.

Appreciate Them

You don’t have to spend all the time that you have with your partner to show them that you appreciate and love them. Be thankful for the things that they do for you both big and small. Being thankful can raise your vibrations and it can take complacency out of the relationship.

Focus your attention on what you love about your partner and on what makes you crazy about them. Show your appreciation to them by talking about it and by telling them what they mean to you.

Don’t think that this is a simple thing but embrace this and know that this can save your relationship. By being connected to your partner and showing them deep care. You can see that this will make a huge difference in your relationship. You are making the choice to choose to be excited about your partner and to wonder about them instead of being complacent.

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