How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love?

How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love?

Do you ever wonder how long you should wait in a relationship before you say the three famous words, “I love you?” Do you wonder if women fall in love faster than men or if there is a timeline in which you should share your true feelings?

If you want your guy to tell you that he loves you, you need to pay attention to this article. There have been many people that have wasted a lot of time in relationships where they were not truly loved or cared about. Maybe you have been in a relationship where you wanted a guy to commit to you in a long-term way or maybe you have become bored in your own relationships and wanted out before the love really came.

Male Mind

Men have an instinct that women do not have, and this is different than how their minds work. Once you learn to understand the male mind then you will understand how he treats you and how he shows you love.

Once you learn to understand a guy it is easier to move on in your life and to understand your relationship better. If you want a guy to tell you that he loves you, you have to understand that guys have what some call a “Hero Instinct.” This is where guys have a hard time saying the words first but here is some sound advice.

What is Love?

Love is a package of emotions from physical attraction to attachment. It is not something that is easily defined or put into words, but love has its own way depending on the person.

There is romantic love and there is love between family members. The people during ancient Greek times believed that there were different steps in falling in love with someone. They believed in the following steps:

  • Philia-this meant loving a friend.
  • Eros-being in love in a sexual way.
  • Storage-having love and affection.
  • Ludus-being flirty.
  • Agape-True and unconditional love.
  • Pragma-married and committed.
  • Philautic-loving of the self.

Love is something that people have to recognize in their own situations, and it is not the same for everyone.

Recognizing Love

People are able to know love from people that they know. They talk to the person they love and show love and affection for them. They are able to talk about things and they learn to be taken by every word that this person says.

We can learn what love is in ourselves because we are able to show behavior of love and this is as basic as showing love, holding hands, hugging and more.

There are also signs when someone does not love us and there has to be a way to tell the difference. Love is not something that is easily described but when you fall in love with someone you can feel it in your heart but how much pain and hurt can love really to take?

Love is a hard thing to understand and it can change over the course of our lives. We try as people to look at each part of our life and to understand our journey in life and our experiences.

Signs of Love

There are signs of love that change over the course of relationships. There is nothing normal or set in how someone shows love. Some people cannot get someone off of their mind while others feel like their heart is beating out of their chest when they see someone they like.

Some find the other person attractive and this could be the start of your feelings. Someone that you are interested will show different qualities and you will love these qualities, even the bad ones and you will learn to treasure them. Everything they do is good in your eyes.

Love as a Chemical

Some believe that love is just a chemical and studies have shown that the brain changes and hormones change when someone falls in love. This chemical is the same high that people get when they take drugs and the brain uses this as a reward system for people that are in love.

The Ventral Tegmental Area of the brain is where people crave things and want things and so when you fall in love with someone, this area will be evoked with feelings because we always want more.

Finding Love

People can find love in different places even online. When you feel love even online, you can have the chemical of love even if there is no physical attraction.

There are different things that can trigger these hormones and character is one of them. People that date online are often attracted to people that have the same ideas as they have, and they will spend hours on end talking to them on the computer or through text.

How to Know It’s Love

When you first start talking to someone or dating someone the feelings can change right from the beginning. Your brain will respond to certain traits of others and when you find that you cannot stop talking about this person, chances are that your brain is secreting these hormones that are attracting you to them. When this begins to happen, chances are you are in love.

When your dopamine in your brain beings to increase, you might have more energy, you might be less sleepy, and you might start to crave food. This can happen when you first start falling in love with someone.

Being in Love Versus Falling in Love

Being in love and falling in love is different phases of love. When you fall in love it can be intense and it can be scary for you, especially if it is something new. You might find that you become selfish and that you need to have more self-control. You might even find that you cannot stop thinking about them and you want to know what they are doing all the time.

When you find a new love, this can cause you to feel different but being in love only happens after you have gone through hard times and good times and you are still in love. Being in love in the early stage can be great but when you are no longer taken by your partner and you are still in love with them, this is a choice.

I Love You

Saying the words, “I love you,” does not mean that you are in love. According to research, most men are more likely to say those words before women do.  All people can say those words and there is no time that someone is supposed to say or confess their love.

It is important that you say this with feeling and that you are comfortable enough with the person that it makes you feel good and not overly stressed. Even though there is no time limit, you should probably wait at least three months before you say that you love someone so that you can know if they are a good fit for you or not.

Love at First Sight

Many believe in love at first sight and this happens because of our mind and because of how we see another person. More men than women believe in love at first sight, but true love means that you are willing to go through ups and down and deal with love and commitment.

There is a science behind love and once you fall in love you will see that love is not easy and you will not always have butterflies or attraction feelings, but love is a mutual connection.

Time for Love

Love is not just a feeling and when you fall in love it can take time to really love someone. Men seem to fall in love in around 80 days or more where women take longer than that. Women take longer to say they love you than men do, and all of this depends on the circumstances that love follows.

There is a possibility that you will love a different amount of people and you will love them all differently and you might come to the point where you have to pick and choose who you stay with. Most women want to know how fast someone will fall in love with them, but they need to ask how long the relationship is supposed to ask.

Finding a Keeper

Here are some things you can ask yourself so that you can know if you have a keeper or not:

  • Does anything about them stress you out?
  • Do you trust them?
  • Do they listen to you when you have a problem?
  • Do they want to be part of all areas of your life?
  • Do they treat you like you are their favorite person?
  • Do they look past your imperfections?
  • Are they moral like you are?
  • Do they take time for you?

If you answer these questions and see mostly positive things, then they might be a good fit.

Long Distance Relationships

If you want to be with someone that is far away from you, you can learn to love them and trust them as if they lived close to you. You can see that being away from someone can even make you love them more.

People do not have to wait for letters to be mailed now a days, and they can even video chat every day and be able to see each other and make eye contact.

Being in a long-distance relationship can be hard but if you have open communication then you can learn to desire one another even more.

Social Media

Social media is okay for talking to each other, but nothing is better than seeing the person that you like in person.

When you always are talking online, you are not able to progress your relationship as much and you spend a lot of time on the screen. There are some things you can do to make your relationship stronger such as not typing out messages that are upsetting, not saying things that you wouldn’t say in person, saying nice things and then having your serious discussions when you see each other face to face.

Also, make sure that you spend more time together than you do communicating over online ways. Make sure that you take time to get to know one another and then you can make more plans for your future.

You should probably note that if you have not fallen in love after six months or so of dating that you might need to have some time to yourself to figure things out.

Signs of Love

When you want to know if you love someone, some small signs can be that you aren’t able to take your mind of them, that they are very important to you and that you feel like you cannot go a day without talking to them.

Falling in Love

There is no real limit as to how long it will be before you fall in love. This could be a week, a month or even years for some people.

How Long till Guys Fall in Love?

Once again, there is no real time limit on when a guy or a girl could fall in love. This could go fast, or it could be a while before he tells you how he feels.

How Do You Know He Loves You?

When someone loves you, they make sure that you know. They will be nice to you, treat you well, talk about you and want to spend time with you.

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