How to make love with a narcissist work

How to make love with a narcissist work

Being in love with a narcissist can be both difficult and rewarding. The ideas below can help:

  1. Listen to yourself

Know that you were not crazy when you fell in love with that person regardless of what you hear or read. Narcissists have the capability of being good partners, loving and romantic in bed. They can’t be sensitive to your emotions. As long as you’re with someone who satisfies you, whatever other people say shouldn’t matter at all. You may also not be paying attention to yourself if you constantly keep complaining to your friends or family. There are signs that indicate you are in an unhealthy relationship. If the person suddenly starts hurting your feelings or make you feel unappreciated, when you cling to him because you feel insecure when apart and when together.

  1. Do a self-inventory

Do you feel better when you’re with that person? At times we stay with narcissists because of what others think and feel about them and not what we feel about ourselves. We think it makes us feel special. Individuals others admire look up to and admire seem to shine with power and status. Ask yourself if the relationship benefits you in any way.

  1. Positive behavior reinforcement

Researchers don’t agree about the weaknesses of people with NPD. Others think that certain areas of low self-esteem exist, while some say those claims are bogus. What’s important is to how to have their self-esteem enhanced.

  1. Practice mindfulness

And also bring it into the relationship. Mindfulness has a great impact on those with NPD according to researchers. For example, it can help them realize when they are getting out of control and help them control their anger.

  1. Be true to yourself

Do not forget what you fancy about your soul mate. Then write down what you hate. Then ask yourself the following questions, the things you fancy, do they make up for what’s missing? Can you cope up with the things you hate?

Things may transform over time. And some of the things you hate may also be part of them.

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