Signs that He Regrets Letting You Go

Signs that He Regrets Letting You Go

Nearly everyone has a person in their past that they regret not treating better. This is the person that they let go of, but still wonder what would have been if the relationship had lasted. With guys, this tends to be the one that haunts their love lives for years to come. There are signs that you may have been his “one”, even if he has gone forward and is living his life. These are shared below.

You were good to him

If you always took time and energy to try to please him, lift him up, build his confidence, and even shower him with gifts, but he did just the opposite, he will probably look back and regret losing you. You may hear others say they cannot believe he let you go after all you did.

His Current Partner is Your Opposite

If your ex has moved on and is now in a relationship that is somewhat abusive, it can serve as a reality check. If they left you for the new partner, it can be even more evident.

He Keeps Contact

A big sign of regret is when he finds reasons to keep contact or contacts you for no real reason. This is a sign he is trying to find his way back into your life, but is often too ashamed to admit the truth.

Others Say He is Miserable

When guys make the mistake of dropping a good woman, but have to much pride to admit it, you may hear it from his friends or mutual friends. The man may enlist this help so you will take him back.

He Continues to Ask for You Back

If it has been months since the break-up and he is still trying to contact you, then he has regrets. He may beg and plead for you to get back together, but who says the situation will really be different?

He is Still Single

If it has been awhile and he is still single, it is likely because he messed up when you guys split. If he is still single a year or more later, he is still hung up on you and may never move on.

His Life is or has Fallen Apart

Some men see their life getting better or great and dump a good woman, hoping for something better. Most guys that make this choice, regret it as soon as life takes a downward turn again. These men will come crawling back to the one that was once so supportive.

He Admits It

This is an obvious one, but if he comes back and admits that he regrets leaving, then he really regrets it. However, this does not mean you should accept the guilt as a sign of change and get back together.

He Struggles to Date

If your life has moved one and guys are seeking long term relationships with you, but girls are shying away from him, then he is probably regretting walking away. This is indicative of him being stupid in his decision to leave.

Quality of Life

Compare his quality of life to his. If his life is a struggle and you are a true success, the he regrets it. Even if your ex hates you and you are more successful than he is, he is regretting letting you get away. You could be living an amazing life together, but he chose to walk away.

He’s Been Cut Off

Even if he dumped you, cut him off completely and get on with your life. This will make nearly any guy wonder if he made the right choice. This has to be a complete ghosting though, if you want to make an impression.


Guilt or you sensing he feels guilty is a good indicator that he has regrets. His guilt does not mean you have to make him feel better, but that he feels bad about how hurt you are or were over the break up.

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