5 Ways to Keep a Man Interested and Make Him Feel Loved

5 Ways to Keep a Man Interested and Make Him Feel Loved: How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy

How to Keep a Man Happy

Our partner’s mind may seem like a mystery to us many times. Luckily, keeping your partner is a lot simpler than you might think if he is a guy.

Men don’t need a lot of things in a relationship and they will have a few complaints if you make sure you fulfill those needs.

However, there are no guarantees in life that this will keep him interested forever but if you follow the tips below you will certainly be bending things in your favor.

  1. Have Sex with Him

This is what most of the guys think therefore it is #1. This one will get you the most mileage out of all the ways to keep him happy. If you do this and ignore the rest many men will be perfectly happy.

If you find ways to make the sex interesting too you get extra points. If he wants to try something new humor him and do not be afraid. Just wear what he wants, it can be lingerie. Try new things that are more exciting and you have no objection to.

Variety is key. Guys are always looking for varieties, especially those who look elsewhere for their jollies. You are more likely to keep his attention from you if you make things at home.

The most important that guys want is to you to be in it. For you to show that you want it badly just as they do. You will make your boyfriend happy if you show your enthusiasm.

You are 80% out of the way if you can give a man what he wants in bed. Your man will start losing interest if there is no good sex.

  1. Know When to Leave Him Alone

Smothering a guy can make him leave his girlfriend. You can’t always be together although spending time as a couple is important.

Some women always like spending time with their boyfriends every now and then. This is not healthy though it’s common in the early stages of dating. Respect when he says he wants to go out with his buddies or he wants to be alone.

If you give him space he’ll feel less guilty asking for it, therefore, try not to be offended. Through his own free will, you’ll make a man be interested in a genuine way.

  1. Accept and celebrate your Differences (and stop wishing he was somebody else)

There’s no doubt that your boyfriend is different from you. You wouldn’t probably be attracted to each other if you were exactly the same in every way.

You shouldn’t, therefore, complain when he doesn’t notice what you’re wearing and when he can’t remember your friend’s name

You two are different people. Many people in relationships don’t recognize this but force the other person to be like them. Quite a number of women unconsciously turn their men to women by criticizing how they think or even what they say.

Your man will be lucky to have you if you can take a step back and appreciate your differences. The only key to trust is when you are accepted the way you are by the other person.

Your methods of making your boyfriend happy

  • Keep me attractive.
  • Giving everything he wants.
  • I try to be loving and understanding.
  • I make sure he knows that he’s not interested or happy enough.
  1. Forgive Him Easily and Let Go of Guilt Tactics

Some people’s main method of persuasion is guilt.

Most women will use guilt to get what they want from a man’s life. It doesn’t matter if it’s his mother, sister or girlfriend, it can be tiring to be assaulted with people’s expectations.

Be a voice of forgiveness in your boyfriend’s life if you want to make him happy. Don’t hold it against him if he accidentally forgets your anniversary. Just let it go if don’t have the cash to take you to a fancy place for your birthday.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you suffer in silence. Be bold enough to address your issues but not through manipulation. Don’t bring up past mistakes and be quick to forgive his honest mistakes.

If he does something acceptable then don’t hesitate to dump him. if you always find yourself manipulating him into what you want then you shouldn’t be together.

  1. Learn to Appreciate the Things he loves

There’s always something to appreciate about someone else’s passion even if you have different interests and hobbies. You can show your boyfriend this by learning what interests him and understanding what he sees in them. Try doing the things he likes and you might even find yourself liking them too.

There’s no magic formula to how to make your boyfriend happy

The steps above are the things that will help you keep your relationship at the end of the day. If you’ll have problems after these efforts then there is definitely a serious problem somewhere.

Keeping a man is not hard unless you’re trying to force the relationship.

Maybe you’re overthinking too much. Having a girlfriend who is content with the present moment will make your boyfriend happy

His growing interest

Does your boyfriend pay a lot of attention to you?

Yes, we spend a lot of time together.


No, he ignores me a lot.

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