Getting Someone to Like You

Is there someone that you like, and you want to get this person to like you or to like you more? Some say that you cannot change other people, but you can always be in control of who you are and what you do.

You will not be able to tell or make someone like you, but you can do things to influence their feelings and to change the way that they think of you. If you are talking about a relationship or just a friendship, you have a better chance to make people like you if you are kind and caring towards them. Be happy, smile and be yourself.

Being You

We all have different values and beliefs, and they should be part of who you are. It is frustrating when you meet someone that goes from one side to the other and you can never believe who they are or what they think. These people will be dishonest in your mind.

One important thing to remember is that someone should never dislike you because of what you believe and if they do, that is on them and not you. There will be people that will see what you believe to be impressive and they will like you for that.

Be Weird

Allow yourself to be weird and be who you are. Being honest and genuine can attract others. Even if you have flaws or quirks, that is okay. You might think people will not like you because of this but that is not true. Be who you are and do not be afraid of someone putting you down.

Maybe you like weird food or strange television shows, this is okay. Talk about it and let people know and you will be approachable. The weirder things about you, the more people will like you.

Respect Who You Are

Respect yourself and who you are and do not feel that you need to explain your beliefs. No matter what other people say about you, care about yourself and show yourself love. Respect who you are, and this will attract others to respect you.

If you find that you are insecure, allow yourself to say, “I am giving and loving. I am there for other people.” Do this daily until you are strong.

Be Honest

Be honest about who you are and what you believe. Never be fake and do not lie to others. Honesty is the best thing that you can be and when you want to form good relationships, honesty is the best policy.

Being honest doesn’t mean that you have to share everything in your life. If there are things you don’t want to tell, don’t.


Listen to what others are saying and be interested in what they are saying. People will want to talk to you, and they will want to find someone that will listen to them.

Use your body language to be positive, make eye contact and do not close yourself off.

Make sure you are listening and show them by repeating what they say back to you and make sure that you understand what they are telling you. Take an opportunity to put your own thoughts in.

Never interrupt someone that is talking to you and do not talk until it is your turn. Be respectful of people you are around and do not be annoying. Be interested in what they have to say.

Give your time to this person, if they message you, message them back. Show them that you are interested in them. Change your schedule to spend time with them if you have to.

Do not cancel on them and do not reschedule over and over again or you will show them that you are not taking value in their lives.

Let them know how much fun you have and that you enjoy their company when you are with them.

Find out what you have in common with this person. There will be things that you like to do that they like to do and talk about it. Talk about music, television shows and things they like to do. This can open up the conversation and help you be closer.

Have fun with your conversation and make jokes and be fun to be around. Being funny is cute and can be romantic. Do not be someone that is always serious.

Do things for the person that you like, and they will see that you care about them. If they do stuff for you then appreciate them and tell them that you care about them and you are thankful for them. Share stuff you have with them such as your DVD’s or your music. This way you can get back together to get it back.

Complement your person and tell them good things about themselves. Everyone loves a complement and if you are trying to impress a lady, talk about her appearance but do not be overbearing. Tell them how nice they look or how you like their hair.

Let your crush help you so that they can feel helpful and feel like a hero. This will increase their ego and allow you to bond with them.

Do favors for the person you like so that they can talk about how good you are. Do things like buy them coffee or tea in the mornings or do small gestures that shows your care.


Make sure that you smile a lot and that you are being attractive. Keep yourself clean and smelling good and looking good.


Be mindful of the personal space that people have. Do not get into their personal space unless they ask you to. Always keep a length between you.

If you want to ask intimate questions, do it slowly and when you get closer to them.

Social media is still part of life so make sure that you are not crossing boundaries.


Know this person’s name and do not call them someone else. Make sure you remember their name and when you see them, call out to them by their name.

Body Language

Keep your body language open and this can show someone that you like them. Stand up tall and do not cross your arms. Do not stand by yourself and make sure that you make eye contact.

Always be relaxed around the person you like, and this can impress them and show that you respect them. Do not force yourself on them ever.


This article can give you some great tips if you want to see your relationship grow. Rather this is a friendship or a romantic relationship, these points can help to make your stronger and to allow you the chance to live happily ever after.

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