7 Ways to Keep Long Distance Sex Hot

7 Ways to Keep Long Distance Sex Hot

Long-distance relationships are common today. From those in challenging careers to those who have partners in the military, to those who travel as part of their job, many couples are facing being apart for a time. You want to be sure to let each other know you love them, are thinking of them, and long to be with them. That is important to any relationship, but can be critical to those in a long-distance relationship to prevent wandering and build trust.

So, how do you keep these types of relationships hot when you can’t physically be sexually active? Here are seven ways.

Phone Sex

This is a good place to start, especially for those too shy to trying something more visual. Talking dirty on the phone can add a sense of flirtation and excitement because it lets your imagination run wild. It can also take you back to when you were dating and talked on the phone a lot.

Couples App

Sure you can phone text, but it may be hard to write something stimulating right after you talked about changing the baby’s diaper or paying the mortgage. There are many couples apps on the market that help couples communicate, including Couple, We Did It, and Happy Couple. There are also naughtier ones, like Desire, for those looking for something more exciting.

Using a different app rather than phone text for these types of messages may give you a sense of naughty, allow you to role play, so it can help enhance the thrill of your relationship.

Write Love Letters

This is truly old-fashioned, but old-style romance can heighten your sex when you’re together. These are not dirty letters, but truly ones stemming from romance and the heart. These will be letters saved and passed on to children and grandchildren. They are special because you must take the time to write them, buy a stamp and mail them. Since no one writes letters anymore, your loved one will feel really special.

Do Video Calls

There are a plethora of ways to do this. There’s Facetime, Skype, and WhatsApp for starters. Talking about daily life is important, but be sure to also talk about your relationship. That includes how much you miss them and love them. It can also include sexual things and even nudity if both of you are good with that. Just be sure none of the videos is recorded and saved so it won’t come back to haunt you later.

Leave Something Behind

When you do see your lover, leave a little something behind that makes them think of you. Just make sure it’s something sexy.

There was a friend who started seeing a lady from another state. One day he commented that he was planning to go see her. I said that she had just come down. His response was she left him a pair of thong panties in the bedroom so now he just had to visit her. These types of things are what keeps the relationship hot across the miles.

Plan to Hook Up

Try to find times where you two can meet in a city for a rendezvous. It may be only for a night, but meeting in a different city from where you live will add excitement. A short visit will give both of you a thrill as if you are doing something you aren’t supposed to and allow for role-playing.

Be Surprising When You Do meet

Plan on doing something creative when you are going to be together. That will add some spark to your love life. A woman once went to meet your husband at the airport dressed in nothing but a fur coat. You may not be that bold and that kind of thing can be somewhat dangerous depending on the city, as well as embarrassing if TSA decided to search you. However, you can think of something creative.

Putting some time into the sexual aspect of your long-distance relationship is key to overcoming the obstacle of distance. Learn to be creative, be hopeful, and talk about your feelings as well as your desires. This will lead to absence making the sexual attraction grow strong.

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