Emotions after a Breakup

How to Be Strong in Your Emotions after a Breakup

Have you ever been in a relationship and you knew that it would be the last time that you would see him? Maybe you wanted to change him, and you realized that you couldn’t or maybe he just turned out to be a partner that wasn’t what you needed.

No matter what your body told you, chances are that your mind and your values ended up being more important. If you are in this situation and you realize that you are emotionally stable enough to move on, now is the time.

Too many people in life have waited too long to heal and some are still waiting. Learn to get rid of your confusion and your sadness. Maybe you sat for days wondering why you were never good enough for this person that you let in your life and why he didn’t work harder to make your relationship work? You may have even felt hopeless after your breakup or upset at how the relationship ended.

Being emotionally stable after a breakup can be hard, especially when you find that you are alone at night when you aren’t used to that. Having good friends can help you heal; they can help you to move forward in life.

Some people talk about time and letting time heal but the problem is that as you get older, trusting the opinions of others can be hard. You probably waited for time to make you feel better and maybe you are still waiting for that.

Emotions after a breakup can be strong and they can cause other relationships that you have to suffer. If you allow your emotions to give you clear direction, you can move forward, but if you don’t, chances are that you will stay stuck.

Know Your Feelings

Stop ignoring what you are feeling. Let yourself grieve. Learn to let go of hiding your emotions and learn to embrace them. By embracing your emotions, you can grow, and you can realize that you aren’t a victim, but you are a person that is hurting.

We all deal with things differently and one way to deal with your emotions is by allowing your emotions to come. Accept that you have feelings and do not judge yourself or put yourself down. If you have went through life, let the hurt come out instead of trying to hide it.

Grieving can be followed by anger or even shock. Some people deny what they are feeling or go through depression, but you will soon accept what has happened. If you have strong feelings after a breakup, they can get stronger if these things were part of it:

  • He was the one that wanted to break up with you.
  • You never saw it coming.
  • You know that your ex has already moved on to someone else.
  • Your ex was your best friend.
  • Your ex was one of your only friends.
  • You keep seeing them when you go out.
  • You feel like you will never find someone else.
  • You feel that your ex has slept around a lot since your breakup.

Being rejected is something that can make you feel like you are lost in two ways, in your heart and in your ego. This can be hard to deal with.

Find Who You Are

Your relationship is something that probably helped you to be more confident in life. Maybe you felt like your life was successful and strong. You probably rebuilt part of your life to match what he wanted, and he desired from you and you always put him first.

Once this relationship dies, you might feel that you are insecure, and you aren’t good enough. The truth is, you are talented, and you are fun. You are kind and loving. You need to get out your vision board and you need to write down new things that you want in your life.

Talk to people that you love about what you want in your life including who you want to date and what kind of mate you want.

Think about a time when your relationship was fun, and you enjoyed being with your partner. This was a time where you lost yourself in your relationship. You have to now change your focus on who you are and what you want. You need to now focus on your dreams and allow your life and your emotions to get stronger.

Try doing some of these things:

  • Go out for a fancy dinner, not on a date, just a fancy dinner.
  • Try a new workout program.
  • Go on a trip that you have wanted to go on.
  • Take an evening class such as a yoga class.
  • Meet up with people that you have always wanted to hang out with.

You have to figure out who you are and accept that you have failures and weaknesses, we all do. Allow the mistakes that you have made in your life to teach you a lesson and to help you face the things that you were once no good at facing.

Make new plans that help you to be a better you. Take a break from social media for a while you work on your new hobbies.

Living Arrangements

If you have shared a space with your ex, move out and find a way to support yourself financially. Talk to family or friends and see if they can help you to get on your feet until you are able to make it on your own.

Be Social

Do not give up on people. When you are heartbroken, this is a time that you need other people in your life. Go out for ice cream or go out and play mini golf. Find out what your friends are doing and go have fun with them.

You can even relax at home over a good movie or a book. Make new friends and make sure that your social circle is stronger. You will find romance in the future but right now you need to just make strong friends.

Doctors have proven that people that have stronger relationships are less depressed. Let your friends support you and help you make good decisions in your life.

Think before you do what people tell you to do and do not go out and sleep around. Find people that make you happy and allow love to come to you.


You have to learn to recover after a breakup. Emotionally stable people have to take time to focus on who they are and to work through problems that they have.

Ask yourself what you want in life and be clear on your answer. Do not fall into bad habits just because you are sad or upset.

Get Help

If you find that you are not able to heal, you need to talk to a therapist or a counselor. Find one that you can share your emotions with and one you can trust.

You can find a specialist that can help you to work through your feelings and your thoughts and help you through your depression.


Make sure you are taking care of yourself. You have to have a good relationship with your inner being. If you want to be emotionally stable, you must learn to deal with the things going on inside of you.

After a breakup you will feel angry and sad, learn to control your behaviors and to connect your emotions with your feelings. Figure out what triggers you and causes you to react.

Being Emotionally Stable After a Breakup

We all will have to deal with heartbreak at one point or another. When this happens, we have to learn to process our relationship and make a future with what we want in our lives.

We have to find the person that we love inside of us and take a step back to figure out what we want. The more you work on you, the faster you can heal and the better you can prepare for your future.

Be rational in your thinking and do not fall into things such as drugs, sex, food, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors.

Do not let negativity define who you are and make you afraid of love.

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