Loving Someone Selflessly

You might be someone that has struggled with love, but this happens because everyone has desires and needs and falling in love can be a struggle.

Some people have struggled third whole life with love, and this is because loving someone can sometimes feel like you are being selfish when you are in fact giving your whole self. Love can be both selfish and selfless and when you are selfish in wanting love it is one thing but sometimes you are selfless in it as well.

Love can be confusing. Selfless love is when you choose to stay in love even when things are hard and messy. When love becomes painful, you make the decision to stay with this person. You do the best you can do.

If you have children, it is a type of selfless love. From the moment of their birth, you love them no matter what and nothing will change that or take it away. Selfless love can be more confusing when it comes to a partner.

Being selfless is not always easy. Sometimes you get angry or sometimes you do things that are rude. Selfless love might be looked at as good and bad, but it has to do with putting your own needs aside and taking care of others.

What is Selfless Love?

When you care more about someone than you care about yourself, this is selfless love. This means that you do things that might not always be best for you because you know that they need you.

When you put other people first, you will see that sometimes your own needs aren’t going to be met.

Walking Away

Loving someone selflessly means that you will walk away when they want you to. You know that if you stay then things will be worse, and nothing will get better.

Walking away from a toxic relationship can be selfless.

What They Don’t Want

Being selfless means, you let someone go because you know that they don’t want to be with you. You put them out of their misery and their guilt by walking away.

Sometimes you have to let someone go in order to show your love.

Your Ambitions

When you are in a relationship, sometimes you have to put your dreams and ambitions on hold for others. You have to sacrifice what you want and let them shine for a while and reach their goals.


Being selfless doesn’t mean that you have to give in to everything that happens. You still have to learn to compromise in the relationship so that you both can be happy.

Being selfless doesn’t mean that you don’t have desires or needs and sometimes you have to meet yours and theirs.

Putting You Aside

Sometimes being in a selfless relationship means that you have to put your own feelings aside. You have to let go of your anger and your feelings and just accept what is going on and be strong.


Being selfless means that you aren’t judging your partner. It means that you don’t talk about them or criticize them, but it doesn’t mean that you let the behavior go.

You just learn to not judge them and to try to figure out how to work things out.


In a relationship, we have to learn to listen more and talk less. We have to learn to not jump to conclusions. Stop behaving a certain way and learn to listen.

When you listen to others, you can learn to have selfless love.

Give Them the Benefit of the Doubt

Do not always blame others and love unconditionally. This is selfless love. Even if they put you down or even if they mess up, you have to learn to not jump to conclusions.

Be a Team

Learn to be a team. Being selfless means that you work together to make things work out. It means that you work together to figure out how to make life easier.

Needing You

When someone needs you, you will choose to do what they need instead of what you want to do. If someone in your life needs you, put them first.

Putting someone else’s needs above your own shows you are being selfless.

Giving In

When you love someone, it doesn’t mean you give in because it is easy. You have to be selfless and work to make the relationship better. When things are hard, you don’t let it go but you work through it.


You have to learn to let go of the past and move on. Do not keep bringing up things that have happened and learn to survive together.

Sometimes you have to work through things and move forward in your life.

Staying Together

You will see that you will have to stay together through thick and thin if you want to have selfless love. Love is hard and things are not always what you hoped they would be.

When hard things happen, you have to learn to be there for the person that needs you. If they get disabled, you have to take care of them. You have to be able to put yourself on the side to help others.

Expect Nothing

When you love someone selflessly, you need to learn to love them no matter what. Don’t expect them to be a certain way and feel sorry for yourself when things don’t go the way that you want them to.

Selfless means that you aren’t trying to get revenge or that you don’t have resentment.

Selfless love does not always just happen, but you have to give more of who you are than you are used to doing. If you want to be selfless, don’t expect anything back in return.

Once you agree to selfless love, you will see that you can give the best gift that you could ever give someone.

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