How to Surprise Him Based on His Zodiac Sign

How to Surprise Him Based on His Zodiac Sign

If you are in love with someone and they are hard to shop for because you feel that they have everything, there are some surprises you can give them that they will love because they will be based on their zodiac sign.

You will be able to surprise them and to give them something that they need that will make them feel special. Each sign is unique and there are certain things that those in the certain signs will love and will not like.

Find something to give them based on their sign.


An Aries is very passionate, and they like to do exciting things. They love adventure and so getting them tickets to their favorite concert will be a great gift.

Make sure that the concert involves a trip if you want to go even further.


This sign is a good sign, but they are known to be hard to please. Surprising a Taurus can be easy though, just be simple.

They love passion and they love life. They don’t say what they like but they would love to be spoiled and to relax. Get them a spa day or a massage or take them to a resort and go to the pool.


The Gemini has a happy personality and they are very social. They would love to have a large group of people that are their friends and have a party. They love to have fun and so you can plan a group activity like a game night or going out for drinks.


Cancer’s are lovers and are passionate and they are very sensitive. They would love for you to show them how much you love them.

You can do this by planning a trip, booking a retreat, making their favorite food, talking to them about how much you love them or even doing a scrapbook together.


A Leo loves to feel that they are appreciated, and they love adventure. Do something that is risky and that you are afraid of such as go on an airplane ride if you are afraid of heights or take them on a hot air balloon. This can show them that you appreciate them and will do anything for them.


A Virgo likes things to be simple. If you want to show them you love them, show up at work and take them out to lunch or plan a picnic. They want to be connected to who they love so this would be the perfect gift.


A Libra has high tastes and they like things planned out. They want to do things that you will pay for and if you want to surprise them, do something fancy. Take them to a fancy restaurant and order their favorite food.

Make sure everything fits such as the décor, the food, and the hospitality.


A Scorpio likes things that are significant. Take them to a movie but pick one that they will like. Always remember that you need to be sensitive to their likes.


This sign loves adventure and traveling, and they are strongly connected to nature. If you want to surprise them, take them camping or backpacking. They will love that you proved that you are interested in their interests.


If you are dating a Capricorn, they love to read. They are hard to buy for, so you need to be patient and listen to what they like.

Buy them a book on what their passion is such as cooking or music. Take a course with them such as a cooking course.


Aquarius’ do not like people to spend money on them and they aren’t into material things. They love things that are handmade such as a scrapbook or a special bracelet that they can wear.


A Pisces is a planner and they worry about other people. If you want to please a Pisces, throw them a party and invite their best friends and serve their favorite food. This will make them extremely happy.

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