Sociopath Symptoms

There are some people that you think that you know, and you might even find that you are best friends with them or that you are dating them.  They will not look different than other people but something about their personality will stand out to you.  These people are emotional vampires and they will leave their audience wishing that they were not in the same room.  These are people that are always in control and get what they want, and they never seem to have any consequences.  These types of people operate in a way that is never really understood until it becomes unfolded.

We value who we are and the boundaries that we have in our life.  We don’t want to lose who we have because we have vested so much time into them and into our relationship.  Who are these people that we get so deeply involved in?  They are sociopaths.


A sociopath is someone that is passive and manipulative.  They deceive you and take out all of your positive energies.  They destroy who we are, and they make the foundation of those that we love a definition of someone that is based on no conscience.

When a person has no conscience, they are impossible to really understand.  They don’t know any other way to act and that is why they act the way that they do and why we invest in them even though we know that they evade our moral selves and take away our humanity.  They have a conscience deep down but life taught them that being a sociopath is different and that they have symptoms but that is not always true.

If you don’t have a conscience you are not able to know what your actions are and you cannot take responsibility for how you are, or love anyone.

Without having a healthy relationship, the only options are for a sociopath to play games and to manipulate people.

A sociopath will be charming and make you believe that they are perfect but there are signs that you are dealing with a sociopath.  They are not available to your emotionally and they can also show narcissistic behaviors.

People that are not emotionally available are not always narcissists and they can be sociopaths.  A sociopath can be a narcissist and if you look at the symptoms, there are some that are easy to see while others are not so easy.

Fake Emotions

A sociopath can win an award for their fake emotional feelings.  They can cause you to feel guilty for questioning who they are, but they are the master at faking their morals and faking who they are.  They come across as empathetic and kind, but they do that to create a picture so that people will look at them differently.

Scared?  No.

Another sign of a sociopath is that they have no fear.  They are not afraid of anything and dying or becoming ill does not haunt them.  They hide their fear and they refuse to jeopardize their emotions to make people think that they are manipulative.  They can become bored and play the victim if they are able to manipulate you.

Sociopaths have no fear in doing things that seem outrageous.  They act different and act like nothing has ever happened.

Over the Top

A sociopath will be over the top.  They will be emotional and will not apologize for who they are.  They love to create a shock factor and will do things like steal, cheat, lie or whatever they can to make themselves large and over the top.

A sociopath will want to ruin everyone else, but they want them to be on their side.  They know the difference between right and wrong and being empathetic and kind, but they do not show it.  They are selfish and have regret when they have to give in to other people.  They believe whatever they say about you or about themselves.

Never About You

A sociopath will never be about you or anyone else’s feelings.  They have no point in trying to express what anyone else feels because they only care about themselves.  They will act like they are friends with someone and then chew them up and spit them out and they will not have value of other people.

Emotional Pain

Someone that is a sociopath will never apologize because they believe that they are never wrong.  IF they do happen to apologize, it is only to make you feel guilty.  They have no feelings of regret or guilt and they will never say that you are right.

They will get angry and attack you if you try to prove that they are wrong.  They do this to get what they want, and they will blackmail your emotions and use your emotions against you because they have no conscience.  They will remind you what they do is right and throw things that you have done in your face.  They will tell you what you should have done and what you shouldn’t have done in all aspects of your life.

They will need to always be occupied because they get bored suddenly and they will have to make something up so that they can find something to do.  They will listen and follow what you are saying but have their own ideas.

What If You Are Dating One?

If you are dating a sociopath, be kind with your actions and plan a way to leave them.  A sociopath can change from hot to cold in a second and their change can show who they really are.

If you have someone in your life that is a sociopath, you have to understand that you will never be on the winning side.  You will have to close this relationship and allow yourself to move on because they will never change, and you will be miserable in your life if you stay.

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