Keys to Passion

When you want passionate and love in your relationship, it can be coupled by a desire to go deeper and to have a sexy foundation that causes you to desire your partner and to be loyal to them.

Maybe you are best friends with your partner, and you find that you are extremely busy, and you have not even had sex for a while. Even though you are not really together in a relationship, you might find that you are just friends but maybe you want to have some passion in that friendship and to be sexual with them.

You want to have a relationship that is strong and is set on a good foundation. You want there to be structure and equality and you want someone that will support you and give you the passionate relationship that you want. You want your relationship to be happy. In order to get the passion, you need, you have to understand that there are different components of passion.


Thrill is when there is excitement and you are attracted to your partner. This has excitement but the love hardly ever lasts.

If you have been gone on vacation or a business trip and you have missed your partner, thrill comes knocking at your door. This is when you will spot your lover and you will have feelings and emotions in your body that make you desire them.

Even if you are stuck thinking about this thrill for days on end, you will want to experience it like never before.

If you find that you are rarely thrilled by your partner or that you feel that your love for them has faded, you need to figure out how to fix this.

You need to pay attention to the things that have attracted you to your partner from the beginning and then find it at this very moment. This can help you to fall in love all over again.


This is when there is a deep knowing and being together that developed through thick and thin and this includes a deep connection.

Intimacy can be more than just sex, but it can be a deep connection that you share with your partner. This can be something that you give them, the deep parts of you that your partner will accept about you no matter what you are going through.

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel with intimacy because as it develops over time, you become closer and more connected with your partner. This allows you to be the best that you can be and to work to change the things about yourself that you are not proud of.

Having a connection with your partner is an amazing feeling and everyone’s heart wants to have these feelings for their partner. When you have intimacy, it will not last unless it is deep intimacy, and this does not just come from lust.

Real intimacy begins after the lust is gone and you are still there to share the ups and downs with your partner. Intimacy comes with marriage when you agree to be with them through thick and thin and richer and poorer.

Remember, you are responsible for being happy and when you want to make this connection with your partner, you have to pay attention to what you love about them. Even though we are all imperfect, this can bring even more love than expected.


Being sexual and erotic with each other and having wild sex is part of sensuality.

Sometimes, there are areas that you will find that you are good in and other ones you need help to be connected and strong.

Sensuality is a word that means that you are aroused when you are with your partner and you are delighted with all that they have to offer you. This can also mean that you have made love with your partner and you are taking time to slow down and really get to know each other.

Maybe you have worked hard, and you have been busy, and marriage came with love and intimacy, but the sensuality lost its luster. If you have neglected yourself and your partner, the passion might have died down with it.

As you realize that you are still connected with this person you love, the way that you use your sensuality can awaken your mind and your body. You can be erotic and learn to explore new things about each other. Do things that you have never done before. Learn to have sex in all of the rooms or inhale the scent of your partner.

Listen to the way your partner makes love, the way that they shiver when you touch them and sigh when you hit all of the right places. Kiss them for hours and explore every inch of their body. When two hearts are intwined, there is nothing that can be sweeter and hotter than that.

Sex can be limitless when your mind, body and soul connect, and the sensuality can be there when you orgasm or if you are just sitting with each other and holding hands.

Balancing Love and Sex

Love and sex are important when you are in a long-term relationship with someone. If there is love but no lust, the excitement might not be there like you hope it will be. Maybe you have sex and intimacy, but you are full of criticism and you do not feel excited when you see your partner walk in the room.

Maybe you have sensuality, but you do not have intimacy and you can have hot sex, but you never really trust them or have a deep connection with them.

When you feel accepted and feel that you can reveal all of your secrets with your partner, you can let go of things that have held you back and learn to connect with them, make love to them, and have freedom to be full of love and intimacy and to be strong with them.

Take time to have more thrill in your life. Do things that cause lust, send sexy texts or have surprise dates. Make a date to have erotic at least once a month and work on emotional intimacy which will lead to the desire to be sexual with one another.

Spend time connecting and make sure you are committed. Put in an effort to be close to each other and your time as a couple will increase and you will become strong and you will see sensuality, thrill and intimacy along with passion and desire.

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