Why Guys Do Not Want to Label a Relationship

Why Guys Do Not Want to Label a Relationship

Being in a relationship that you do not have a title or label for can make you feel that you are sometimes trapped. When you hear about this or you have experienced it yourself, chances are that you will find that the relationship can be confusing, and you may not even know what the point of it is.

The truth is, you deserve to know why he doesn’t want to call you his girlfriend and even though some say that labelling should not define a relationship, when a guy says he does not want a label, it can actually mean he has other feelings.

Here are some reasons guys do not want to have a label in their relationship:


If a guy is not ready to be committed, then chances are he does not want to be serious yet. He wants to make sure he keeps all his doors open and that he is able to date another woman if she comes along.

When he doesn’t want to put a label on his relationship, it could mean he doesn’t want to be tied down. This is the kind of guy that you might need to reconsider because you may find that you are stuck waiting on him, and he might not ever be ready.

Being the One

Another reason some guys do not want to label their relationship is because they want the person that is perfect for them.

This can mean that he does not feel that you are the person he wants to call his girlfriend. This guy is wasting your time and the best thing you can do for yourself is to leave him and find someone that thinks more of you.


When a guy does not want to label your relationship, chances are he just thinks you are convenient to be around.

He likes how you are with him; you make him feel good about himself but if something better comes along, he will take that instead of you.

This is a guy that you should not expect things from, and he is there just because he needs you.

This means that you will probably never have a serious relationship and maybe you should move on.


This guy is easy to see and he is one that will be open about what he wants. Chances are he is with you because he only wants to have late night sex, or he wants to have a good time.

This kind of guy does not often want to label his relationship because he doesn’t want to have a relationship. He is all about fun and games and you will never be relationship material for him.

If you are not into just having sex, you need to realize that nothing serious will probably ever happen with him and he might not be worth your time.


Guys that have been hurt from their exes will often refuse to put labels on new relationships. They want to make sure that they love you and that you are not going to hurt him.

This kind of man has to deal with his past and his past was hard and so it makes his future relationships even harder.

This guy might be worth the time you give him, but he will be hard to fix. He will have to get over his deep scares and you will have to decide if this is something you want to deal with.

You will possibly be wasting your time on this person because he is a man that has been hurt from love, but the choice is yours.


Being in a serious relationship means that you set expectations. When a guy does not want to call you his girlfriend, chances are that he is deciding if he wants to try to meet your demands or not.

This means he will have to stop being selfish and compromise with you in certain aspects. He might even be a man that is immature and someone that is living his life to the fullest.

Do not waste time on trying to make decisions for this guy and if he does not want to commit, let him live his own life.


Guys will sometimes be refused to open up to a new relationship because they never got over their ex. This means that they might want to go out and hang out with you but if he is not over his ex-yet, he will not be ready to label your relationship.

You have to understand that you cannot change his past or his memories and if he does not want to focus on you, find someone that will.

The Now

Guys that live in the now and like it will sometimes refuse to take relationships to a next level. They like how they live their life; their freedom and they are not ready for change.

This is a guy that might not be ready for a real relationship and you should not try to force him to be with you. If he isn’t ready for you, find someone that is.

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