Long Distance Relationship Problems

Long Distance Relationship Problems

Most people will experience a long-distance relationship in their life but there are many people that will not get the chance to have this experience nor will they understand it. It is not an easy relationship like others and when you are far apart from your partner, you will have a hard time making it unless you find the right person.

Each relationship is hard and has its ups and downs. Things are not always perfect when you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and even if you are close together, things do not always work. A long-distance relationship can work but they do come with problems.


One of the hardest parts of a long-distance relationship is communication. It is hard to communicate over text or over the phone but having confidence in your partner can change the way that you feel. Do not worry about bottling up your feelings because if your partner loves you then they will want you to express all of your emotions to them. Do not feel that you cannot share your problems, or you desire with them.

Learn to have balance and to communicate. Learn to talk to your partner and even if you do not talk every day, when you do, learn to communicate your feelings and do not say things that you will regret.


It is easy to be jealous in any relationship, but it is even harder when someone is not constantly close to you. Jealousy is something that is spared in no relationship and it can cause you or your partner to be irrational or clingy. Remember that you need to take time to think things over and not try to force your partner not to have friends to hang out with.

Do not give into jealousy and if you have no reason to be jealous, don’t be. Learn to trust your partner because that is the biggest part of a relationship. Do not be motivated to cause problems and to show your jealous side because this will only hurt the long-distance, or any relationship, for that matter.

Being Lonely

Being in a long-distance relationship can be lonely. This is because you will not be able to just see them whenever you want, and your partner is not always going to be with you. There will be times that you long to be with them and that you want them to be here for you.

There are different reasons that people feel lonely and it could be that you stay up later than your partner does or because you are busy during the day and they are in a different time zone so they are sleeping when you are at your talkativeness.

Find ways to cure your loneliness and you can do this by seeing each other on special occasions and by having something of theirs such as a pillow or a blanket that you can hold when you are lonely and feeling alone.

Moving Apart

Sometimes a long-distance relationship will not work because people tend to drift from each other. They will not have as much time to talk and they will cancel dates that are set up because of business. When this happens, you have to learn to talk about it.

Most relationships will end because people drift from one another and if you feel that this is starting to happen, you need to express your feelings. Do not look for someone to complete you but be complete before you get into a relationship.


Time is one thing that can tear a long-distance relationship apart. People do not have the time that they need to get the things done in their life and then to spend time on the phone or video chatting for hours.

Time is one of the hardest battles between partners and communicating has to be strong. When you are always calling your partner and they are sleeping or you never get to speak to them, it can cause jealousy and it can cause you to move apart from each other.

One way to fix this is to schedule time together. Even though this seems silly, it can help when you are miles apart from someone and you don’t want to drift apart.


Distance can make it harder to trust someone. When people start relationships, it is important to build them on trust. When there is a solid foundation of trust, you can learn to understand and accept things such as cancelled phone calls, but when there is no trust, this can cause there to be issues.

The only way to do this is to have faith in your partner and to take a chance. There is no real way that we can know if we trust someone and until they break that trust, you have to learn to let go and let trust build.


Love is something that is hard, and it takes a lot of work. Things are not easy all the time and you have to fight for relationships. You should never give up on someone that you love and care for, even when it is hard. Remember, there are ups and downs in every relationship and when you have a problem, face it and solve it.

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