Ways to Make a Relationship Last

When you are looking for love that will last, you need to make sure that you get so wound up in the person that you know that you cannot live without them.  Your brain will allow you to make their life your life.

Take Them

Make sure that you do something that is thoughtful and amazing and surprise them as much as you can.  Put a letter in their pocket or make up a song about them.   Let them always have you in their mind.

Regular Basis

Call them all the time and everyday and always touch base with them.  Make them their favorite food each week.  This will cause them to always be thinking about you.

Eye Contact

If you want to bond with someone, the best way to do this is to look them in the eyes.  Doing this can help keep the romance going and it is powerful when making love and can bring joy to your sex life.


Make sure that you are pleasing your partner when you have sex.  Do things that turn them on and experiment when making love.

Teach Them

It is important that you are happy in the relationship too.  Make your partner feel good but teach them what makes you feel good.  This can increase the pleasure for both of you when you are together.

Lasting Love

If you want to keep lasting love and excitement in the relationship, do something to make your partner aroused.  Find something different in sex to excite them.  Who says whips and chains aren’t fun?  When you have more hormones that are secreted, it can make sex more thrilling.

Be Exciting

When you get your partners heart rate up, they will feel excited.  This can make them feel that they are on a roller coaster or doing something fun with a touch of danger.  Make them feel that way with you.


If you want to be kind, do it for someone that your partner loves.  Be kind to her family or treat her best friend out on a girl’s night with your partner.

Loving Times

Don’t be afraid to say how much you love them.  Write them a song or a poem or a note.  Lovers have been doing this forever, because it works.

Love Chemicals

There are different chemicals that cause attraction.  Make sure that you boost your partners oxytocin when you are with them, watch a romantic movie, kiss them, touch them.  It can go up super-fast and cause them to always be thinking about you.

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