Don’t Wait for Someone to Choose You

Don’t Wait for Someone to Choose You

Some people believe that if they wait for someone to love them that this is a real way to express love.

There are many stories out there where people have waited and were patient in someone that they liked and then when time came, they were rewarded with a happy relationship.

Most love stories start when two people decide that they like each other, and they want to be in a relationship. Love is never easy and there will be challenges and compromises that come in the relationship.

If you find that you have to wait for months and months or even years to be with someone that you like, you might find that you are waiting on the wrong person.

You do not even know if the person you are waiting on is going to be the right person for you. Do you believe that they will change for you and that you will get to the point where you will be able to really have them?

Do you consider yourself loyal and patient because you are willing to wait for someone to like you back and do you wait around until you get a sign or what really are you waiting on?

Waiting for someone to love has to really be worth it and you have to ask yourself if it will be worth waiting for them till the end and realize that you may never actually be with this person.

When you wait for someone then it is like telling the universe that you are not worthy of love and that you do not deserve to be with someone. Is it worth waiting for them to give you time?

This could actually even mean that you have no value for who you are. This kind of person will always make you wonder if you are waiting for the right reason and if you should keep waiting or if you should move forward and find someone new.

Waiting for someone to love you is not being loyal. Waiting for someone to love you does not make you strong. What it means is that you are ignoring what you already know and that is that the person doesn’t really like you.

When you wait for someone to love you, you are raising them up in your heart and your mind and you don’t even know if you will like them when you get them. You may be wasting your time on someone that in the end will mean nothing to you.

When you lose someone, know that they were never yours in the first place. Maybe you have waited for months or even years for someone to love you back and once you realize that they will not be the person you hoped that they will be, you will see you have wasted so much time on them.

Waiting for someone to love you is like putting your hand in fire and acting like it doesn’t burn. This means that you are willing to settle for something less than love and that you are giving up on other people and other choices in your life.

This means you are allowing yourself to be rejected over and over again and it becomes a natural thing for you.

Waiting for someone to love you means that you are not allowing true love to come into your life. You are waiting for someone to love you and pushing away other people that are willing to give themselves to you immediately. You are showing the world that you do not respect yourself and that you do not allow love in your life.

When you wait for someone to love you, you are compromising your life and your ideas and you are waiting and wasting time on someone that is not even willing to try to give back to you.

Even if you think it is a reward to show how patient and how much you love someone, the truth is that you are putting yourself down. You are putting yourself on the back burner and not allowing someone to come into your life that deserves you.

When you wait for months or years on someone who ends up not being who you want them to be, you will see how much time you have wasted and how much precious love you have passed up.

If you decide that you are choosing to wait on someone to love you, remember that there is a time where you will miss love and where you will be waiting when you could be serious in a relationship. You know that you deserve better than to wait for someone to make their mind up about you. Really think the idea of waiting through and see if it is what you really want in your life.

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