Avoiding Falling in Love Too Fast

Avoiding Falling in Love Too Fast

Do you fall in love with people right away and it seems fast and hard?  If you do, it can be because you are willing to lay your heart and soul on the table.  You become familiar with them and you want to be exclusive with them.  Then, you might find, that the relationship does not last long.

Falling in love fast can be a problem and it can be like a dating game.  This is bad for people that are sensitive and compassionate and those that are seeking love.

Even though there is no wrong in falling in love with people, being vulnerable can get you hurt when you fall too fast and too hard.  Falling in love fast and hard can cause your emotions to go wild and you have to learn to protect your heart and mind so that you do not fall for people that give you an unhealthy relationship.

When you begin a relationship, try to slow down and date someone at a slow rate.  Learn to be involved in the relationship without having to be too secure in it.  Learn to be independent and depend on yourself so that you don’t find that you have to rush anything.

If you are always falling in love fast, avoid things that will cause you to do that.


It is exciting to fall in love with someone and to look forward to your romantic journey, but you have to look ahead.  Even though you are having sex or being intimate, this doesn’t mean that you are in love and that they are either.  You have to look at what you are really feeling.  Are you really in love or are you just excited about something new?  Do you love all the things that you do together?

Check on yourself and see what you really want.  The first few months you are dating, see if you are being straight and honest with yourself.  Figure out what you like about them and what you don’t.  Just because you are dating doesn’t mean you are in love.  Maybe you are but maybe you aren’t yet.


Boundaries are important for each relationship and you have to learn to establish them immediately.  Make sure that you keep your heart in check and that you are allowing yourself to go slow.  When you are always around someone, you will feel that they are the one for you, but this is not healthy.  Take time for yourself and give them time.  Let the relationship have some breaks here and there.  See each other a couple times a week and no more.

Friends and Family

Don’t forget that you have other people in your life.  Let your family and friends know what is going on with you and who you are dating.  Let them keep an eye on you and check on you.  Let them come over and go with them. Have time with them and let them be honest with you about what they think.  Don’t be offended by what they say to you, remember, they love you.

Red Flags

Take notice of any red flags that you see.  If you are in a relationship where your gut feeling is saying something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.  Look at things about your partner and see how they are acting.  Do you want to spend your time with them and maybe marry them?  Always look at their actions.  No one is perfect but you always have to demand to be respected and loved.  Don’t allow someone to put you down or to hurt you.  Be honest with yourself in your relationship and be honest with your friends and family.


No one can really control their emotions, but they can control how they use them.  You can think on your feelings and you have to learn to regulate them and not get out of hand.  Look at your relationship and see if you know this person really well.  Do you have an idea on what is causing you to have emotional triggers when you are with them?  What causes your emotions to change so fast?  Do you fear being alone or are you feeling something else?  Figure it out.


Being in love is amazing and it can be wonderful when you are ready to share it with a partner.  Love needs to be earned and when someone likes you, take time to get to know them.  Getting to know someone makes it more meaningful and exciting.  Go slow and if they like you, they will go slow with you.  Take care of your heart and don’t let it get broken.

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