Stop Loving People You Shouldn’t

Stop Loving People You Shouldn’t

Love is something that we build up and what we try to find in all the right places.  Love is all around us an so we have to learn to stop loving people that only cause us suffering and pain.  The drama that you have is not worth it and you have to learn to stop loving those kinds of people.

Why You Shouldn’t Love Someone

Everyone has their own ideas of wanting love and others have an idea of why they want to stop loving someone else.  If you don’t understand your situation, here are some reasons why you might want to stop loving a certain person and love someone else.

For one, you have to stop going for people that are in a relationship with someone else.  You always set yourself up for disappointment when you chase someone that is taken.  If they are happy in their life and you love them, you are only loving the situation that is not meant for you.  Also, this will bring unnecessary drama to your life.

The chances of the person loving you is slim to none.  They would not be in a serious relationship if this were true.  They would have already left their other partner to be with you.  When you chase these people, you are wanting to fill their needs but that is not your place to do this.  It can leave you feeling alone and bitter.


If you are with a partner that is kind sometimes but abusive other times, this is how the cycle of abuse works.  You have to stop being with this person and find safety.

You should never accept being abused, physically, mentally or emotionally.  If you have any type of abuse happening to you, leave the relationship right away and get help.  Abuse will cause you emotions that will last your whole life.

Many people that are victims of abuse are afraid to leave because they are worried, they will be killed.  Leave and do not be afraid.

Ignoring You

Being in a relationship that you feel that your partner is not interested in you will cause you to feel like a failure.  When you are selfless and loving to someone, make sure the relationship works for both of you.

If you feel this is your relationship, talk about it and find out what has happened to the love that you and your partner had together.  Be more intentional wit them and open to communication.  Find out if your partner feels the same about you.  Tell them if you feel lonely even if you are with your partner and if they don’t care, find someone that is interested in who you are.

Friend’s Ex

Sometimes being with someone that is friends with your ex is not a good idea.  You should avoid dating someone like this even if they like you.  Try to avoid this situation or it can cause you to have a strain on your friendship.  Your partner might feel weird going places with you where your ex will be.

Your Ex

You should avoid dating your ex unless you realize that the second round would be better, and you have both grown and matured as people.  Maybe this time, you are more committed, and the second change would work.  Remember, you broke up with your ex for a reason and you need to understand that the habits that caused problems in the first time could still come back.  You must both be on the same page and discuss what will happen if you decide to give it a go.

They Aren’t into You

When you make it known that you like someone and they show no interest in you, don’t waste your time chasing them.  Maybe they will see that you are great and come to you later, but if they don’t, save yourself the chances of being rejected and spend time with people that do like you instead.

How to Stop Loving Someone

There are ways that you can stop loving someone and release your heart from the wrong love:

  • Write down why you love this person and how committed they are to you.
  • Remind yourself why this would never work.
  • Find activities that you love to do.
  • Be honest about what you feel.
  • Leave them alone if they don’t like you.
  • Stop checking on them all the time.
  • Stop thinking of a future with them.
  • Create a new future without them.
  • Invest time in yourself and find things you like to do in life.
  • Learn to love yourself.

Once you realize that the relationship will not work out, do not get sad or upset.  Allow yourself to have these feelings but do not blame others and get over them.  Allow yourself to work through the ideas of the relationship and why it did not work out.

If you feel depressed about letting someone go, seek therapy an find someone that you can talk to.  You can also go to a counselor and find friends or families that love you.

Personal Standards

Make sure that you set your standards for what you deserve when you are looking to meet someone.


Find other options in your life.  Just because one person doesn’t work out doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

Focus on You

Spend time focusing on yourself.  Join a gym, take a class and find things that make you happy.  Have self care and take care of who you are.


If you need to, go online and find help.  When you are going through a hard breakup, it can be emotional.  Find someone online to talk to that can give you ideas of how to move on.  This way, you can do this right from your home and it can continue to be private for you.

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