Be Powerful and Ignore Your Ex

Be Powerful and Ignore Your Ex

Do you ever give your ex the silent treatment or do you believe that not talking to your ex will make their heart grow fonder of you? Ignoring your ex is one of the best ways that you can either get them to come back to you or you can get over them.

If you want to get over your ex or you want to get them back, you might find that having no contact with them will cause them to fall back in love with you or you can be over them. A no contact rule is that you don’t see them from between 20 and 48 days and you ignore everything about them. Doing this can either make them want you more or allow you to change your life for the better and see that you don’t need them.

There are not real rules on this and sometimes if you have to work with your ex or if you share children with them, you will not have a full no contact, but this can still work. Do as limited as you can but if you can do a no contact, you have to understand how to make it work.

Idea Behind No Contact Rule

The no contact rule is also called the Theory of Reactance. This is a concept in psychology that means that they behave a certain way, and it takes away their behavioral freedoms.

This means when you take a behavior that someone has and you get rid of it, they will do what they can in order to regain this behavior.

With the no contact rule, you are taking away your ex’s freedom to talk to you and they will do what they can to get this freedom back, but it doesn’t always work this way.

If you are going to ignore your ex, this will take away their chance to talk to you and in the psychological world, they would try to get this freedom back, but this doesn’t always work that way.

There is a process that can make this work and when you learn to figure out the behaviors of people that are trying this, you will know that everyone is different.

There are even communities on Facebook that are for people that are trying to get over their ex’s. This means that there are more than 4,000 people that are trying to figure out how to get rid of their feelings for their ex and one thing that is often ignored is the no contact rule.

Many people have stopped allowing their ex to be able to reach them and this means that you should be focusing on yourself and not on your ex wanting you back.

Ignoring the Ex

People will often do the no contact rule because they want their ex to miss them. Sometimes the opposite is true and so the important thing is what you do when you are ignoring your ex and how you are spending your time.

You cannot sit around and feel sorry for yourself or feel that you are miserable, but you have to take your breakup and find new things to do in your life that make you happy.

The idea behind this is that when you make yourself a better person that it will make your ex see a different side of you and it will interest your ex.

When you are focusing on you and becoming someone that your ex couldn’t get back, this is powerful, and this can cause them to want you. Your breakup causes there to be an emotionally charged area.

Things are often said when things are emotional and there can be a big mess. When there is a mess and chaos, people leave because they don’t want to have to deal with the problems and this happens when there is a breakup. Your ex will run, and they will leave so that they don’t have to put up with your sadness or you trying to get them back.

You will do anything sometimes to try to get them back such as text them, show them how insecure you are and more and this will push your ex further away.

Your ex will not want to deal with someone that is insecure and so when you do the no contact rule, they will see you differently and it will surprise your ex that you are not always thinking about them. They will wonder if you have become stable and what has changed you. This will drive them crazy and they will want to know why you are ignoring them.

When you are stable, it can attract your ex to you. You can do this by ignoring them.

Grass Being Greener

No matter if you like it or not, your ex might be breaking up with you because they think they are better than you. You need to go out and date new people and you need to let them see that you are better than they thought you were. They will date others and find out that you were better than they thought.

If your ex breaks up with you and they tell you they just wanted to date other people, let them go out and try to find someone new and better than you. Remember that their first few dates are the honeymoon period, and this will eventually wear off and then they will see who the person really is. This is when they will start comparing you.

They will compare everything with the new girl to you and they will see that you were better than they imagined. He will start to romanticize the relationship he had with you and he will see that he might need you back.

When you ignore your ex and allow things to work out on their own, they will regret the decision to leave you.


When you ignore your ex and you choose the no contact rule, you have to do follow these rules to make it work:

  • Focus more on yourself.
  • Let your life get better.
  • Show them how secure you are.
  • Let your ex see that the grass is not always greener on the other side with their new partner.

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