Deadly Dating Sins

Dating can be hard and finding the right person can be even harder.  Are you in relationships where you aren’t sure if you are friends or you want to be intimate?  There are so many things that we want but sometimes it is best to just be honest with your feelings and with yourself.  Figure out what you are looking for and if you have to commit these deadly sins to make the relationship happen, it isn’t worth it.


Sex is part of romance, but you should never rush into having sex.  This should be something that can be intimate and bring happiness.  Don’t let your relationship take you to a place where your emotional connection has to be replaced with sex.

Even though your connection should be physical and emotional, changes are that you have not had time to get ot know each other. There should be a spark, and this should eventually lead to sex, but first, you need to make sure that you really know them and are comfortable with them.

Be open and communicate and when you do have sex, it will be satisfying.  Allow yourself to get to know each other and wait until you make the relationship about the bedroom.  Make the relationship work and don’t make there be so much pressure that the relationship cannot last.  Don’t be afraid to give yourself time or to tell them that you aren’t ready.  You will probably be surprised at the results of waiting.


There are many ways that pride shows itself and one way is when you want to change the person that you are with so you can make them perfect.  This is one of the worst things that you can do in a relationship and one way that you will know that it will never last.  You have no ability to change someone and it isn’t fair for you to try.

If you want to see change, you should change who you are with.  If you have a list of things that you want from your partner, you need to be able to change too.  If you want them to change and not you, you are being too picky, and it may be best to move on.  Don’t try to make someone who they aren’t.


One of the biggest dating sins is when you expect someone to do too much or to be more than they are.  You need to get to know each other and not rush things.  You should not want the person you are with to change and have expectations that they cannot meet.  You should be able to focus on your relationship without being mad or without being angry.  If you cannot give as much as you are asking for, you are being greedy and this is a no-no.


When a relationship is new, it is easy to be happy and to become obsessed with them.  You might even feel so close to them that you don’t want to let them out of your sight.  They might feel that you are smothering them.

If you stop spending time with your family or your friends because you cannot let them out of your sight, you are spending too much time with them.  You need to have balance and to keep things healthy.  Giving your partner space is what will keep your relationship alive and keep you sane.


Never expect your new guy or girl to be like your ex.  When you want this, you are wanting an old relationship and you will treat them like someone that you have been with.  Don’t expect them to be what you already had. This is a deadly dating sin and you need to love and respect each other.

Every new relationship needs to be treated with care and with respect.  You should never treat your new relationship like your old one and you also need to leave any negative baggage behind.  Let things be new.


Do not find romantic partners who want to compare you to other women or men.   Do not let them tell you how you should act.  You should do the same and not try to mold your partner into your perfect situation.  You don’t want to compare them to other couples or to relationships that you want.

Things don’t have to be perfect and just because they aren’t doesn’t mean that the relationship doesn’t have hope.  Focus on what you have in your relationship and stop comparing it to others.


One of the biggest parts of being in a long-term relationship is that you will love each other and be comfortable around each other.   If there is too much comfort, chances are that you will begin to act differently or be lazy. This is not a good thing.

Try to be romantic and dress up and go out at least once a week.  Wear your make up and keep yourself fixed up.  Stay connected and communicate with each other.  Find new ways to connect that are exciting.


Nothing is worse than having a romance that is not fun and is boring.  Make sure that you keep it lively and that you don’t fall into the dating sins.  There are energies that flow through love and you need to work to keep these energies positive.  Always work to better you and your relationships for a happy life.

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