How To Prevent Other Women From Stealing Your Boyfriend

Do you trust your boyfriend? Do you believe that without you around, he will be a meek guy who will shoo away potential “predators” in his midst? That thinking is wrong sweetheart. No matter how good a man is, he is just a man. He is bound to be tempted one way or another and cheat on you.

Cheating and Love

The odds are one in a million, literally. Out of 1 million men, only 1 is able to contain himself and look the other way before he makes the ultimate mistake. And what about the remaining 999,999 guys? When you are not looking (and for some, even if you are looking), he will flirt with another girl and it may or may not lead to a sinful act. But most probably it will, oh sigh!

If he cheats, it does not mean that he does not love you. Some men cheat because they can but they will still go back to the original or to the woman they love. That is how “stupid” they are when it comes to affairs. Being in an illicit situation is exciting and this empowers them. The sad fact is what if he leaves you for the other woman? This really sucks but there are ways for you to prevent that from happening. If you want to know how, read on and learn from the advices of others who have done the same and succeeded.

How to Keep your Man (and Keep Off the “Dog” Drooling Over Him)

Women are salivating over your man because let’s face it, he is a dreamboat and many other women envy you. He is handsome. He is gorgeous. He is an athlete. He is a math genius. He is blonde and blue eyed. He is a professional. He has great taste. He is super smart. He is a sweet talker. He is charming.

What else can you say about your man that other women can see? For you, he is the ultimate guy (pros and cons apply, of course). Anyway, how can you keep your man from going to the other side? I have interviewed one wife who kept her boyfriend and now husband interested in her which led to an engagement ring. Learn from her as you might pick up valuable information:

Nikki (Not her real name)

“I followed the movie “Hall Pass”. Laugh all you can but I have to admit it worked for me. Mark and I have been together since high school. I have been loyal all throughout but Mark show signs of longing or wanting to be with other women. He did the same things that the actors Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis exhibited in the movie; the “snapshot” thing, the looking at the behind and the chest and the pretending!I was so sick of it. I knew it was a risk but I had to give him 1 week off from our relationship.

I did not call him. I did not text him. I did not make any attempt to contact in any way. I had my fun too but I did not do anything to appear like an infidel. I just talked with some girls of mine to “tell” his friends that an Ivy League educated turned lawyer childhood friend was emailing me and was planning to visit on the 7th day. I think the thought of losing me was too much for him and 6 days in, he came back crawling to my place and he was crying. He then professed his love for me and said that he never wants to be with another woman other than me. Right then and there, he proposed. We have been married for a few months now and it has been great. Oh and yes, no more of that eye thingy from him with other girls! He never asked about the “imaginary guy” either.

I know! It was bad of me to make up stories. It was a test and I have proven that he loves me so much that he will never let me go for another man. But of course, I made sure that I was an eye candy for him too. It is a difficult position to be in. Looking good and providing him the love he deserves are the two factors that keep us together. And I promise in time, I will tell him what really happened. The guy did email but it was to tell me that he is getting married and that I was to be one of his bridesmaids! So, it was partly true, right?”

Tips on Keeping Your Man

What Nikki did was outrageous and dangerous at the same time. It may not work for you but one thing has kept all men from going astray and back to their ladies and that is jealousy. To a man, you are his property. No one can get you because he loves you dearly and wants you to stay with him. It chauvinistic, oh yes. But this is reality. It happens! So the only way for you to hang onto him is to follow these tips.

1. Make him jealous.

2. Be pretty, always.

3. Serve him well and be pleasant.

4. Stimulate his mind and heart.

5. Do things that will make him happy.

6. Give him space to be with his boys.

7. Be respectful.

8. Be obedient.

9. Show him that you love him and never nag.

10. He is the man and give him that impression to boost his self-esteem and self-confidence.

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