8 Ways To Make Her Obsess Over You

Every man has some form of fantasy in regards to women fawning over him. Almost every man wants to be so important to a woman that her affection boarders on obsession. Men crave this because we wish our egos to be validated. When a woman obsesses over us, we are assured that we are important and worthy of the praise we secretly believe we deserve. So the question becomes, how can you make a woman obsess over you.

Remove the word “Make”

The first step is to remove that word “make.” You cannot make a woman do anything. If you try to “make” her do anything, there will be negative consequences. Women want to feel like they have made up their own mind, and that means you cannot create an attitude of “making” her do something.

Instead, how you should visualize the process is by considering yourself a house. You want the woman to want to live in the house and so you decorate it with all the things women love. Next, you simply leave the door to the house open. When the woman sees the wonderful things in the house and the dream home you have given her, SHE will decide to walk in. Remembering this simile will hopefully help you keep in mind the general attitude that must be used if you want a woman to obsess over you.

Be Worth Obsessing Over

If a woman is going to obsess over a man then she needs a reason. One cannot simply want to be obsessed over and then viola, it is achieved. Instead, one must make one’s self-worth obsessing over.

This is going to mean taking a hard look at yourself and finding out what things might turn a woman off to being enamored with your general person. Perhaps you do not take care of yourself, or maybe you are a bit abrasive, or uncaring.

None of these personality traits are deal-breakers for every woman, but if you can polish them up a big, you might as well. Having a disheveled look can certainly be acceptable. However, being downright homely will do you no good. Being sarcastic is called witty until you step over the line, and then you are simply a jerk.

And of course, a man who seems not to give a damn may send some women into a tizzy, but being callus and uncaring all the time is more often than not a turnoff. In general, you have to make yourself the best you that can be. If you do that, you will be on the right path to being the object of obsession.

Be Honest

Honesty is first and foremost on any woman’s list.Being able to stay honest and straightforward is a skill that can do you wonders with women. Honesty allows you to be abrupt when it is necessary, sensitive and insightful when you have something worth saying, and shows you are someone that can be respected and trusted. Women want a man that can stand by his word, and honesty will make sure you never have to go back on it.

Start Intelligent Conversations

Women also love a man who knows things. It does not matter if you are a hands-on guy who loves to work on cars or an intellectual who reads a new biography every week. Women like a man that has a passion, educates himself on it, and loves to talk about it. Having intelligence says to a woman that you have substance in you.

Humor Her

It is almost number one on every woman’s list. Moreover, while women lie when they tell you that it is the “most important thing” a lack of it will certainly ruin your chances. The ability to make a woman laugh can keep her thinking about you more often than anyone else can.

People love to remember good jokes, funny moments, and great memories. Being able to make a woman laugh produces those memories. The more of those memories she has associated with you, the more likely she is to think about you all too often.

Give Her Security

Make sure to cultivate the idea that you are reliable, stable, and able to hold it together when times are tough. You do not have to weather an earthquake or tornado to show you can be cool and collected under pressure either. When she has difficulties, you can be there to help her through them in a calming, collected, and stoic manner.

Women love a man who makes them feel safe. Now, if you can somehow marry the security and humor departments into a single instance, she is much more likely to obsess over you. Take a bad experience, turn it around with a smile, and help her at the same time. No doubt, she will be thinking of you when you are not around.

Flirt with Her Often

Flirting frustrates most men, but it excites women. A woman loves to be charmed, sought after, and shown she is the object of affection. By flirting you are courting, and this plays into a woman’s cultivated interest in being courted.

Remember that flirting does NOT usually mean being crude. Many men forget this fact. Flirting means you are complimenting overtly, going out of your way openly while alone or being more attentive to her than anyone else in social settings is.

Leave Her Wanting More

While these are just a few tips you can use to help get a girl obsessing over you, the most important aspect is to not oversaturate her with your presence. Do not bug her, bother her or obsess over her. Enjoy brief moments with her, strike up her interest, leave an impression, and then just plain leave.

Allow her to come to you. Allow her to be the one to text or call. If you have done all the things above, she should already like you. While you should not simply ignore her, allowing her to come to you means she is already thinking of you. When you do not reciprocate often, it causes her to independently think of you more. And that is exactly what you want.

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