Is it Really Love?

When relationships end, sometimes they end in some kind of shame or blaming instead of just admitting that they no longer are going the same way in life.

When there is a breakup, people can no longer see how important emotions and physical love are and they will take for granted being alive and developing their lives.

Whatever drew them towards their relationship might not help them grow.


It is important to never break up when you are fighting.  These situations can just be fights and they are not trusted with emotions.

When there is a fight, it can cause people to have a heavy heart and to feel pain because they feel they aren’t good enough.

When a person spends so much time caring for someone, it is sad that they can become enemies.

It is important no matter how anger you are or how upset you are that you do not break up for at least a month after dating.  After a month, if you are not happy, you move to a different direction.

It is important to express how you feel and to make sure you are committed to your relationship.

Sometimes, there will be moments to want to give up, but you do not want to give up on a relationship before you really know if that’s what you want.

Everyone has to learn from relationships and once you learn about the relationship, there will still be more growing and more understanding of your partner.

Breaking Up in Rage

When a person breaks up in a rage, it is because they think it is easier to let go of them than to really see the parts of the person that they love.

When someone has a past romance, it can cause them to feel wounded and can affect the next relationship.

Having a dirty break up can last a lifetime and can cause people to always have a feeling about things not working out.

When you break up with someone, it is important to leave the situation in a kind and caring way.


Fear can cause people to not be able to find love.  When there are past break ups, this can cause people to be afraid of getting close to someone again.

Sometimes this is a mental defense and healthy relationships can take these guards down.  Fear is not enough to keep you from a relationship and there are different fears that can play in your mind such as fear of not being good enough, fear of failing and fear of getting your heart broken.

Fear of Identity Shifts

Sometimes people are afraid that their identity will change if they love someone.  This is true to a point because people have to lose their identity some in order to become one with another person.

Sometimes partners are afraid of having to change to be with someone.  Sometimes this can be a good thing and people can change and not have to be so guarded.

Sometimes, transformations are good and can cause relationships to be more significant and can help people to be freer in themselves.

When someone is in a healthy relationship, they can feel better and they can feel that true love can really belong to them.

Developing in one’s self is important and can prove that the relationships are more mature, and love can be an opportunity for you to be great and to work towards greatness.

Even though relationships can be hard, everyone wants to have a partner at some point.  Relationships can bring up attachment issues but when there is true love, these can be healed.

Parent Relationships

Some studies suggest that people are attracted to people that are like our parents.  Our attraction is based on things that are familiar to us and things that will give us a happy ending.

Once the relationship is going on, we start to consider what would happen if you would break up with them.

There is a way that you can love your partner and still love yourself.  You can always love one thing and then still love something else.

Being a different version of yourself is not always bad.  When someone feels loved, they can begin to develop and start a new version of themselves.


True love is not a sport or something easy.  It takes a lot of work and courage to really love someone.  Real couples have to die into love meaning that they let their old version go and become we in the relationship.  They have to sacrifice things.

Doing this can feel different but it can also feel great.  This is a time when fear and anger are overtaken by love and caring.

Knowing You’re in Love

One of the ways that you know that you are in love is because you feel love.  Sometimes feelings are weird, but people know that there are good reasons to stay in relationships where there is love.

Are you willing to work on problems in your relationship and change the way that you think and even sometimes your identity?  If you are, then you have a chance of having a healthy relationship.

Not Good Enough

Because someone is not good enough does not mean you are not good enough, it most likely means that you just aren’t compatible with them.

Sometimes when you are dating, you will meet people and it won’t be the right person, that isn’t a reflection of you, it is just a time where you are not meant to be with that person.

Relationships and Happiness

Sometimes it is hard to feel alive in a relationship but sometimes you get in a relationship that brings happiness and excitement while sometimes it also brings anxiety and pain.

Love has all feelings and love is intense.

Staying in a Relationship

When you decide to stay in a relationship, you need to make sure that you are growing and becoming a better person for it.  You need to stay when you know that they would do the same for you.

No one will know your partner more than you and you both need greatness in order to make the relationship work.  You have to overlook their flaws and they have to overlook yours.

When a couple really loves each other, they will want to develop more and to love the wants and needs of their partner.

When you choose a partner to stay with, the pain and the love will grow.  You will see them as the best person to have in your corner and your past wounds will start to heal.

Don’t Settle

Never settle for good enough.  Make sure you are going to be happy and that you are going to be in a relationship where you become a better you.

When deciding if you should stay or go, know that whatever you choose will always be the right step.

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