Letting Go and Finding Love

After going through a bad breakup, you might not want to ever try to be in a relationship again.  When your heart is broken, it can make you want to give up on love.

It is important though, that you go for love again and take a chance to be hurt.  You should do this is because by loving, we become a better person.  We learn to live and to open up our soul.

The journey of love is not only loving someone else; it is also loving ourselves.

There are plenty of things that can stand in the way, but you need to beat these obstacles and be able to find love again.

Let Go of the Pain

You cannot let go of pain by denying love forever.  You can avoid pain for a while, but you will always have pain.

You need to learn to embrace pain and take it as an experience.  You need to let your experiences flow and you need to reach out to love others.

Write down your feelings and what you are going through.  Don’t judge yourself for having feelings but take this as strength to make it through it.

Let it Go

When you break up, you sometimes want to blame everyone else for all of your problems.  Not just your ex but also your friends or your family.  You have to stop blaming other people for what happened to you.

You begin to heal when you learn to let go.  Things are unfair but they happen, and we have to forgive and let go.

Stop Being Bitter

One way to heal is to stop being bitter.  Your ex is not a terrible person, they just weren’t the person for you.  Instead of being angry, move on and accept it as done.  Look at the nice things they did for you and remind yourself of the qualities that they had that were good.

Don’t Be Resentful

You have to stop being upset and you have to be happy.  You need to be thankful that your relationship ended before it was too late and be happy for the good times you have.

Pay attention to the good things that are small and the circumstances that have been good in your life.

Don’t Compare

Stop comparing yourself with others.  Take bitterness and turn it to being grateful.  Be happy that you had love for a while and that you are independent and are strong.

It will come your day again that you will find true love.

Let Go of Expectations

It is good to have expectations but not if it has gone too far.  Do not expect to be happy all the time and do not expect things to be perfect.  Live life as it is and be happy with it.

Don’t Resist

Allow people to love you and allow your heart to be open.  If you are in pain, accept it and be open to being vulnerable and meeting new people.

Stop Being Strong

If you are always the strong one, then you will miss out on joy.  Try to be honest with yourself and don’t hide who you are because you are afraid of who you will meet.  Choose to be honest of your problems and the things that you are feeling.

Stop Talking About It

Stop telling about how your relationship went bad and about how love is terrible.  Find a different story that can help you to heal.

Don’t Be Afraid

If you are fearful and you do not let it go, then it will hold you back.  Call fear out for what it is and know that you need to overcome the fear.

Remember that a partner can help us to heal and to get over hurt and past failures.  Let go of all the things that keep blocking you and choose to find happiness through love.

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