Secrets to Improving Your Love Life

Secrets to Improving Your Love Life

The term “love life” can hold many meanings. It can be about intimacy with your partner, a stronger, hotter, sex life, or any combination of these. This takes thought and mental planning. Beginning with finding out what turns on your partner means talking about it and exploring curiosities. Never be afraid to ask about or discuss sexual fantasies to see what you are willing to try. As long as you are having fun, go for it.

A love life can also refer to relationship health, which is what the below secrets focus on. We have so many people in our lives that we feel a level of affection and responsibility toward. These can be friends, coworkers, or someone we are dating, but we feel connected. This is a beautiful aspect of life, but sadly, it is not always reciprocated.

Below are a few secrets to developing lasting, healthy relationships in life:

Action not Apologies

People we love will mess up on occasion. This is just part of life. Hopefully they apologize. Some will repeatedly apologize and we forgive and forget because we love that person. However, we need to remember that actions are more important than apologies. Even if they are apologizing, but not changing, remember what is really important. Actions are the verbs of love. Apologies are necessary at times, but what follows the apology is what really matters. A relationship that becomes more about apology than actual action, may be toxic. Talk to the person and discuss what is happening. If things do not improve, it may be time to move on.

Look for More than Potential

When we enter a relationship, we hope it turns out a certain way. We may expect the person to love us for who we are and show up whenever needed. This can lead to falling in love with the potential someone has, not the reality. Make sure you love the real person, not an idealized version you have created.

Trust the Red Flags

Sometimes we want a relationship so badly that we miss or ignore red flags when they arise. However, it is important to pay attention to those red flags and trust your intuition. A healthy relationship depends on it. There are all types of people in the world and we can attract a variety, so trust that is a red flag is noticed, you should pay attention. If someone is wrong for you, walk away to make room for the healthy one that is waiting.

Trust Your Worth

There are times when we lose self-confidence because we compare ourselves to others. This happens and we forget our worth. No matter how great someone else’s life may appear, there is no need to compare. Doing so will diminish self-wroth. Hold yourself with integrity as an independent being. People are attracted to those who know themselves and carry themselves with confidence. This requires work, but you are worth the extra effort.

Never Lower Standards

People are often people pleasers, trying to conform to someone else’s ideas and losing ourselves in the process. Other times, we allow our standards to drop, if they ever existed. To find a good relationship, maintain your standards, set boundaries, and know what you value most. Stand your ground, the right person will find it sexy.

Improving Your Love Life and Finding Happiness

Above all, you are the driver of your life. Forgive yourself and be kind when necessary. We can be too harsh on ourselves due to shame and guilt, but life is about learning to accept ourselves the way we are and striving to do better. Start by learning to be comfortable in your own skin and life will improve from there. Our lives change and evolve over time, if we are comfortable in ourselves, we will grow and change as well.

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